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Technology in Action Theatre sessions are online
IBC2016 saw a record attendance for the AMWA sessions.

Technology in Action Theatre Panel

Friday's panel session with Felix Poulin (EBU), Thomas Edwards (VSF and Fox) and Brad Gilmer (AMWA) drew a "standing room only" audience.

Topics covered included:-
the challenge created by new content creators and distributors
the business drivers for the change to IP based systems for both end users and their suppliers
why the future needs to be based on software not hardware
the creative tension between proprietary innovation and industry-wide, open specifications
why agreeing specifications and standards is simple compared with the move away from hardware
the role of the major players in creating standards and specifications and the careful co-ordination of their efforts by the JT-NM
the importance of Discovery & Registration in building working systems

The recording is available here.

The second session, "The Networked Media Incubator Project: One year on" was presented by Peter Brightwell (BBC) and Arne Bönninghoff (Riedel), and covered:-
a broad overview of the Incubator project and how it relates to the JT-NM roadmap
how the steps for NMOS developments are building from Discovery & Registration thru Identity & Timing towards Connection Management & Network Control
how this enables both simple and large scale systems to be built with confidence
how user requirements converge with existing and emerging specifications / standards from the collaborating industry associations
the application of NMOS to one industry supplier's product range and how the results provide operational benefits of flexibility, scalability and improved efficiencies for end users
how NMOS can be implemented in practical systems
the merging of "audio" and "broadcast" standards with AES67 and TR03 / ST2110

The recording is available here.

Networked Media Open Specifications – next steps
The first specification for Discovery and Registration is now formally published as an AMWA RFC, on GitHub.

Work is about to start on the third phase of our Networked Media Incubator project, concentrating on Connection Management and Network Control.

The new NMOS Connection Management activity will develop a generic API to allow a client to manage media connections in networked infrastructure. The initial scope is to create and destroy connections between NMOS Senders and Receivers, which typically will be registered and discovered using the IS-04 specification. This will "decouple" the connection operation from the details of how media is streamed, allowing different protocols and network topologies to be supported.

The objective of the new workgroup on Network Control is to standardize the interface between the NMOS services, such as the registration service, with the Network Controller (often talked about as the "SDN Method", but isn't limited to SDN). The Network Controller represents the Network and abstracts it. In the first stage, the objectives are discovery of low-level network endpoints.

The two projects which are running in parallel will work together to ensure consistency of approach and the API for Connection Management will link to its counterpart on Network Control. As before, speedy progress is expected through the close collaboration between the project participants, all of whom are working to achieve practical implementations to be tested in future workshops.

If you believe you might gain a commercial advantage from joining the 50+ companies which are participating, please contact me.

Details of our goal to achieve interoperability between video and audio products, the broad support from our industry and how you can participate can be found on the NMOS website. This includes several short videos explaining our early successes.

All the Best,

Neil Dunstan
Director, Membership & Marketing
Advanced Media Workflow Association


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