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Networked Media Incubator workshop in California
Following our successful Incubator workshops in the UK and Germany, Cisco in San Jose will kindly be hosting the 4th in the series. It will run from 3rd to 6th March 2017.

The main emphasis will be testing the first part of the Network Control work and linking it to IS-04, plus the preparation for a Connection Management workshop after NAB.

Building on the output of the previous workshops, this interoperability session seeks to provide easier integration for applications - particularly ones that use NMOS - to the network layer, making it simpler to control how high-bandwidth media is streamed over network fabric.

Connection management and network control provides critical capabilities in IT-based facilities where designs require careful policing of available network bandwidth and fine-grained control over what devices are allowed to connect over the network, and how those connections are made. These are key business requirements in professional media facilities.

The operational benefits for connection management will come from the streamlining of operations through commonality of approach, and the increased ability to mix different brands of equipment, as well as software/virtual/cloud based systems.

Note - We are also pleased that the NMOS Discovery & Registration API, IS-04, has now moved from Incubator testing to adoption by a broad range of suppliers.

Further information on the Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS) is available here.

AMWA Labs - the new initiative
Our work on Networked Media has made excellent progress since its launch at IBC2015. During a Board Strategy meeting, hosted by PBS in October, much thought was given to where the AMWA should next apply its efforts. The growing industry discussion about data centres and cloud hosted applications led us to launch the AMWA Labs initiative.

The goal is to explore and develop ideas for Networked Media with a "cloud-fit" and to keep this separate from the current Incubator workshops which are focussed completely on practical implementations. That said, the "output" of the AMWA Labs may later become "input" to our practical work.

Any AMWA member can become directly involved in the discussions or simply monitor the output of AMWA Labs.

If you wish to join us, please let me know..

Our new Operations Manager
Mary Schneider, our new Operations Manager, is on a rapid learning curve and is keen to support our broad range of members. If you have any general or administrative questions, Mary’s contact details are in the right hand column.

A new year and a new logo
You will have noticed the new AMWA logo. As the organisation and its work have evolved, it was time for a new fresh look. To accompany the new logo, the AMWA Board enthusiastically chose the strap line "Networked Media. Working." to emphasise our goal of practical, working solutions.

NAB 2017
We are pleased to be offered space again in the NAB Labs Futures Park, this year in the North Hall. More details will follow in our pre-show newsletter.

All the Best,

Neil Dunstan
Director, Membership & Marketing
Advanced Media Workflow Association


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February 2017

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February 6-10
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