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November 2014

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Anyone that sees a problem, selforganise to sort it. 
On spaceship Earth there are no passengers, only crew.
And guess what - we're the crew!          

Davie Phillips


Click to watch Volkmar Geiblinger's movie from the EuPC, Bulgaria

Beyond the EPT?

Permaculture College of Europe

Our aims and objectives are simple: the College will become a vital cog in evolving Permaculture education at all levels through all sectors of all societies across all 50 countries of Europe. Invitation to join the College

If you have an event, need one or would like assistance in developing one, be it a specialist workshop and advanced course a PDC or the need for someone qualified and experienced to work with you in any area that will be one of the roles of the College. If you feel there is an area that we should be communicating with to show the benefits of Permaculture again call on the College.

We are presently:
  • building connection with universities in Europe to introduce Permaculture into their summer schools.
  • assisting in convening PDCs and advanced courses with leading teachers enroute to IPC12 in London.
  • working with high level corporates to engage them into recognising the values of Permaculture through their worlds.
  • supporting the Children in Permaculture network and will work with them in hosting Carolyn Nuttal pre IPC. She is co-author of “Outdoor Classrooms”.
  • engaging Masters and Doctorate students in their efforts to integrate Permaculture at those levels.
With your permission we will maintain your contact on our data base and give you regular updates of all activities. We invite you to also feed us so we can feed others. We have a lot of exciting work to do, so let's do that collaboratively, working for each other.

To opt in please go to our web site and subscribe to our mailing list:

Action Research on Horizontal Hostility

On 1st of November launched a month-long ActionResearch online Conference about Horizontal Hostility, both in English and Spanish. It will end on International Day for Human Rights, 10th of december. 

Children in Permaculture
Thank you to everyone for helping to grow our community in the direction of creating quality environments for "our" children.  I believe that this will not only help to grow healthy and connected "Little Permaculturalists", I trust it will help those of us who are already "grown".  This is a path for all of us - may our hearts continue to open in on this journey, as we become better designers for the quality environments that nurture human kind in our re-connection with nature.  - Jillian

COUNTRY NEWS - what's going on

More Action on the North Eastern American Front

by Jillian Hovey

30 Permaculturalists from the North East of North America recently gathered for their 3rd Annual Retreat. It was organised by Open Space, and there were interesting sessions a range of subjects from “business of permaculture”, through to colonialism and oppression, to Zone 00 care.  Read more...

Curriculum Recommendation

The Permaculture College of Europe warmly recommends the PDC Handbook written by Robyn Francis as a model for your own PDC courses. even though the document is rather specific for Australia in some places, it still is the best framework for a PDC curriculum currently available. Please help us translate it to the European bioregion, culture and languages.
The Handbook is available from the College website as a PDF download (about 50Mb). See:

EVENTS - upcoming

IPC UK 2015 International Permaculture Convergence

IPL2015 principal.png vises
We are delighted that the Permaculture Association will be hosting the 12th International Permaculture Convergence in Britain.

The IPCUK website will be launching later this month with ticket release dates, programme announcements, and the conference call for contributions.

It's a long path travelled to get 1000 people passionate about permaculture to London from all over the world.

IPC-UK will be a collaborative effort of the whole international permaculture movement. We will be using the event to make closer links with the many other wonderful organisations and networks that are also working for Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares!

Everyday more detail is being added to the plans by the Coordination Team and 12 Working Groups.

Read more....

New Economy Week was an opportunity to explore what it would take to build the economy we need, one that works for people, place, and planet. Read about the 6 online conferences.


Zagreb Permaculture Teacher’s Training Course


Croatian Permaculture Association, in cooperation with the Permaculture Association (Britain) and supported by Erasmus+ programme and Gaia Trust, will host Permaculture Teacher’s Training Course in Zagreb, Croatia, from February 10 to February 20, 2015.
Trainers are George Sobol and Rakesh Rotsman Rak from the UK and the course will be in English.

The course fee is 850 Euro or 6,460 Croatian kuna and includes tuition, accommodation and all meals (vegetarian and vegan options available). Participants cover their own travel. Limited number of scholarships that will cover between 30 and up to 100% of the course fee will be offered to participants from Croatia and from countries in Southern and Eastern Europe (subject to funding availability). If you would like to consider attending this course please pre-register HERE (this pre-registration is completely unbinding for you - it is not a booking).

Permaculture for Peace in Ukraine

Permaculture for Peace-building in Post-Conflict Areas:
  • 72-hour Permaculture Design Course (September 2014 - April 2015, webinars + workshops) for approximately 100 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine.
  • Permaculture Roundtable - YouTube solution channel for IDPs and inhabitants of a post-conflict areas around the World.

We welcome contributions (please, contact NGO “Permaculture in Ukraine” and Crow Forest Farm) advises, materials, sessions on how to repair/rebuild destroyed homes, survive on a small budget and under the collapse of public utilities, restore community life and initiate public dialogue etc.

 Permaculture College of Europe

Summer School 2015

ThCollege in collaboration with several universities throughout Europe, are offering courses, workshops and master classes by prominent permaculture teachers in the run-up to the International Permaculture Convergence in London.
Summer School will take place in August 2015.

We are currently negotiating with venues in Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Balkans. More or less confirmed teachers are Scott Pitman (president and lead teacher of the US Permaculture Institute), Albert Bates (author, teacher and director of  Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology, Tennessee USA), Robyn Francis (founder of Permaculture 
College Australia, senior teacher and co-author of Australian Permaculture curriculum standards), Carolyn Nuttall (Australian Permaculture teacher and author of "Outdoor Classrooms")
For more information please see: .

The tentative and preliminary programme is:
Albert Bates in Sweden: PDC & advanced course on biochar and soil food web (2015 is International Year of Soils)
Carolyn Nuttall in The Netherlands: workshops on Children in Permaculture
Robyn Francis in Bulgaria & Romania: PDC & Teacher Training Course, workshops Permaculture in the Community
Scott Pitman in Czech Republic: PDC and additional workshops TBA.

Advanced Permaculture Courses in Czech

Permaculture Global Design and the College are offering an Advanced Permaculture Design Course in Czech language with teachers Dr Martina Petrů and Steve Hart.
For more information see: .

Permaculture Design Course + Advanced Permaculture Design Course

Near Lons-le-Saunier in the Jura region of Eastern France
June 5th-30th 2015
3 week intensive of the international recognised Curriculum. Convened by The Permaculture College of Europe. The standard PDC of 15 days plus and an Advanced Permaculture Design Course specifically for designers who already have a PDC and want to develop their skills in design, design, design.
Register your interest now if this timing suits you best to take this PDC and APDC. 

The community will be offering a networked Integral PermaCulture Design Certificate from 2015,
which means you will be able to study
the basic certificate course
with an international network of permaculture projects, who have been working together over the last decade to grow relationships as well as an improved, radicalized PDC curriculum (the iPDC) now available in spanish and english. There will be several pilot courses during november & december 2014.

News here:
Integral PermaCulture Academy

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