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              January 2016

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Networks, communities and projects


The next deadline for application for Erasmus+ mobilities is 2. february @ 12 am CET.

If you have a course you want to promote as an international course you can post it by following this link to enter data into this questionnaire.

You can also have a look at this spreadsheet if you want to find inspiration for courses. 

Permaculture Association of Serbia Supports the EuPN

By Zvonko Orsolic
The Permaculture Association of Serbia is starting the new year with 50 regular members, mostly certified permaculture designers. The Association was established in April 2014 and has since been working actively to popularize permaculture in Serbia and to establish links with similar organizations in the country, region and worldwide.
During 2016, the Association plans to:
- Organize the first national permaculture convergence in Serbia
- Run regular monthly meetings and permablitz events
- Coordinate our working groups and connect geographically distant members by the use of interactive internet tools
- Continue working on translations of the most important permaculture texts and publications
- Organize workshops in schools and kindergartens
- Continue sharing information about permaculture activities in Europe and the world to permanauts in Serbia and neighbour countries
- Motivate our members and other interested people to participate in the work of PIRN
- Create conditions beneficial to future Permaculture Diploma holders from Serbia.
In December 2015 the Management Board of the Association come to a decision to join the European Permaculture Network. In 2016 we look forward to becoming part of this network and taking an active role in its establishing.
Website of the Association is:

News from Ukraine

By Pavlo Ardanov

Apprentice teachers wanted

Do you have an experience teaching permaculture in foreign country where English is not spoken language? We invite an apprentice teachers to get an experience in running bilingual 

Permaculture Design Course. We had organized 3 bilingual courses before with experienced trainer George Sobol and now we can teach how to do it well. Obviously this mean at least twice less text, more visual tools and interactive methods - an interesting experience, isn’t it? We offer an opportunity to teach either webinars (we know how to do this and can teach you) or to residential PDC the artistic ecovillage near Kyiv during the 1-st week of May 2016.

FIRST Permaculture Conference and Convergence in Ukraine

We are also planning to organize the FIRST permaculture conference and convergence in Ukraine in Summer 2016 (wish us luck!) and we are looking for the volunteers and speakers who would like to offer hands, share knowledge and experience and to enjoy pristine Karpatian nature with lots of mushrooms and berries. This is the first and challenging experience for us therefore we would like to cooperate with permaculture movements from Eastern Europe to organize high quality but affordable event with some joint events of mutual use, to mobilize our permaculture communities and simply to have a cultural exchange. We still need visas to visit Europe, but you don’t need it to go to Ukraine.

Fundraising for printing

We are grateful to everyone who contributed towards our book translation project - together we have managed to cover the cost of language editing, and now Ukrainian translation of Permaculture Design by Aranya is ready to be printed! The printing cost is terrific for us - but manageable for the international permaculture community. Therefore we keep running our crowdfunding campaign (web, facebook - please, share!) and believe that we can do this together!

Best wishes,

Pavlo Ardanov,, the head of the NGO "Permaculture in Ukraine".


Crowdfunding for a French permaculture movie

In France, two young men have decided to make a beautiful and artistic movie about permaculture. See the clip here and don't miss your chance to support them if you want.

Words are not enough!

Linking Research and Practice

HomeNext Big Step - feedback from IPC UK

Thank you to everyone who has joined in the thinking and designing of the Next Big Step project for permaculture so far. Over 30 core topic themes emerged from surveys and scholars in the run up to the International Permaculture Convergence (IPC 2015) and more than 500 people worked on these during the convergence.  Outcomes are summarised here:  

Several groups are continuing this work with enthusiasm, including Research, Education, and Climate Change, and you are invited to join in the planning and designing for areas you are most passionate about. 

To get involved, or for more info, please contact Naomi on

EVENTS - upcoming

EUPC 2016 in Italy

7 September 2016 - 11 September 2016, Lake Bolsena

The topic of EUPC 2016 is “Permaculture: A Living Community”. The key words of the event are going to be:

·      Ethical principles
·      Being/Living
·      Existing Community
·      Devising the Present

Click to view the beautiful website of the European Permaculture Convergence 2016

Nordic Permaculture Festival 2016

by Reija Mikkola

4.-7. August 2016 the Nordic Permaculture Festival moves to Finland for the first time.

Isnäs village is located at the Southern coast of Finland, in the municipality of Loviisa. It is about 1,5 hours from the Helsinki.

The main festival area is a rather historical place, since there use to be a saw mill and buildings such as the mill owner's house and the workers houses are still in use. In addition, there is a biodynamic cattle farm, Labby gård near by. Our hosts also run their own catering company, so we will be sure to get delicious locally produced food. 

Isnäs town is a very active town, with youth projects and an own music festival happening every summer. There are many opportunities for both planning and practical workshops in the area, so get ready for some hands-on permaculture! 

We will be planning some common transport that you can catch in Stockholm and take the ferry all together - more fun to ride together right? Looking forward to see you all there!


Courses by Rakesh

Certified Permaculture Design Course, Auroville, India Jan 2016
9 – 21 January 2016

Certified Permaculture Design Course, Maharashtra, India Feb 2016
13th – 25th February 2016

Permaculture Design Course (PDC), Cyprus, March 2016
11 – 23 March 2016

Permaculture Design Course (PDC), Cyprus, March, April & May 2016
Part1: Sat 26th to Tue 29th March 2016
Part 2: Sat 16th to Tue 19th April 2016
Part 3: Sat 7th to Tue 10th May 2016

Social Permaculture Design Course, Žumberak, Croatia, June 2016
6 June 2016 - 18 June 2016

Social Permaculture Design Course, Klint, Sealand, Denmark July 2016
The fully certified course is in 3 parts spread over July and August:
Part 1 is from Fri 8th to Mon 11th July
Part 2 is from Sun 31st to Wed 3rd August
Part 3 is from Thursday 25th to Sun 28th Aug

French PDCs and courses

Monika Frank is teaching the following PDCs (in french)

PDC in Cévennes

20 april - 01 mai in the Cévennes, organised by Permaculture Itinérante/Ben Burnley (link: followed by a workcamp and students exchange from 03 till 08 mai. Go to Cevennes-ressourcement for more info.


PDC Ile de France

25 mai - 6 june in the Ile de France near Paris, assisted by Agnès Sourisseau, main focus on agroforestry and "difficult" land.
Inscriptions:; The location:

DIY Bourgogne

7 - 18 august in the Bourgogne together with Hervé Coves and Franck Chevallier; focus on "do-it-yourself" and regain your autonomy. Inscriptions: The location:

More details on Monika Frank's profile at Permaculture Global:

Beyond the PDC Course

A new course being delivered by Joe Atkinson, Cathrine Dolleris and Hannah Thorogood, this course will give students the opportunity to deepen their design skills. After the course, students will be better able to apply permaculture principles to their designs, be more confident with design processes, have a deeper understanding of some key design tools and have greater  confidence in applying patterns in their design work. We will also explore the skills needed to present your work well (drawing skills, models, CAD etc).

The course will run in the UK in May, and again in Denmark in October. Please email Joe Atkinson for more information:

Cultivate Permaculture Courses in Ireland

by Davie Philip

Cultivate are offering a number of Permaculture courses in 2016 in the wonderful learning environment of the sustainable neighbourhood of Cloughjordan in rural Ireland. 
Cloughjordan ecovillage
This unique ecovillage is now home to 130 people,
15 businesses, a community-supported farm, Ireland's largest community-owned, renewable-energy heating system, 55 high performance buildings, an award winning bakery, research gardens, community woodlands and a biodiversity trail, as well as a green enterprise centre that features a co-working space and FabLab. This setting provides participants with a unique opportunity to see many key sustainable systems and social technologies in practice.

Cultivate PDC
Cultivate have been successfully delivering Permaculture Design training courses since 2000. In recent years we have added a series of accredited courses and a one-day introduction to Permaculture.

The nationally accredited QQI courses held over three weekends are being hosted in the spring and autumn, and allow us to offer a Permaculture learning experience to anyone on welfare for free. 
Our full Permaculture Design Course is held in August.
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