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January 2015

             EPT Newsletter


The Great Partnership is far from over. New adventures are beginning within Europe and the world. There is an abundance of courses being held, organisations being developed and teachers being hatched for new challenges in our thriving permaculture communities and beyond. 
This time EPT News is heavy with stories of development within exciting areas of permaculture. So arm yourself with a hot cup and enjoy the reading!

Nature's patterns upon patterns on a frosty day

Beyond the EPT

Permaculture College of Europe

by Steve Hart
The College Grows
Like any wise Permaculture project much very valuable time is spent in the design phases. We always suggest to designers at least those designing their own entity that they take valuable time to assess the environment that they are designing into. The College
 although evolving progressively
 is also very much aware of this key and quite critical tool. Our environment is a different playing field on a different terrain but the principles are the same. 
It is also exciting to have a great team that all have quite different dynamic, design capacities to offer the palette. Like a good teaching team of diverse skill sets. Martin is busy building up the formats for an inclusive membership which you will all be invited to very soon. Martina is busy in supporting the development of Children in Permaculture, with the realisation that we are all children in more ways than one. It is also exciting for her to realise the challenges we had throughout the evolution of EPT  that Children in Permaculture  has a considerable advantage with that experience and also the automatic links that could
 evolve through the existing schools right across the 50 countries of Europe. Leo of course is tireless in his support and development energies with his views as an elde
 often bringing us into focus. I of course am constantly pushing the boundaries and buttons and filling the in tray.
We have set our objectives to support and network all corners of Permaculture education across Europe with a focus on delivering quality in all fields. We extend this invitation constantly to the entire network for our mutual benefits so do log on, connect, offer and stay tuned in. 

Teaching Permaculture Teachers platform

New digital platform - TPT - for perma teachers looking for crowdfunding

By Alfred Decker

We are creating a digital platform called Teaching Permaculture Teachers (TPT) to share the knowledge and experience that Rosemary (Rowe) Morrow has gained in her four decades of teaching. The TPT course has the potential and objective to speed up and increase the transmission of permaculture worldwide through building teacher competence. The platform will collect course material, videos, books and recordings, process them, license them under Creative Commons and post them on the platform hosted by the Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute (BMPI) of Australia.

Several years ago, Rosemary decided to focus on teacher training courses in order to have a “multiplier effect” believing that the bottleneck keeping permaculture from growing more rapidly is not a shortage of curriculum and experience, but rather a shortage of competent permaculture teachers. So she created this TPT course to give people the skills and confidence needed to take the big step from being a practitioner to becoming a teacher.

Her wish is that permaculturists, many without funds or access to a face-to-face TPT course, will be able freely to access the course and so teach permaculture well; that other experienced teachers can learn new ideas; and that they can make the course their own.

Please support a crowdfunding campaign at to help make this platform go online:

More information on how you can get involved at:

The children within us, are with(in) permaculture now

Launching the children in permaculture of Europe

By Martina Petru

It’s been so very exciting and truly pleasing to see the children in permaculture forming a vibrant, sparking, and shiny partnership within and beyond Europe.
It is actually and now REALLY happening since our initial talks and ideas and spark of excitement with Gaye on the second EPT meeting in Slovenia in 2012. I am so very happy about it!
In September last year, following a survey of interest right across all Europe, six EU countries, a real east-west ansamble (Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Czech, Finnland and the UK) have been selected to be the core partners for active involvement and formulation of a project proposal and formal application to Erasmus+ EU funds. We are currently working on formulating an application due in March and we hope to get funds to run a project from September 2015 until September 2018. The core partners will work towards disseminating our work as well as harvesting from and including other countries within and beyond Europe throughout the course of the project.
A pioneer circle has formed and this circle with at least 1 representative of each country has met in the end of November last year in London, kindly hosted in Rakesh’s home for the first F2F meeting, brainstorming, dragon dreaming, defining the vision, mission and aims, working ethics and the project itself as well as a bit of play awakening the children within us after a two day sociocracy workshop kindly offered by Rakesh. It’s been an incredibly inspiring, productive and highly valuable time, and a lot of fun too.
The children in permaculture pioneer and funding circles have been meeting regularly on skype conference calls that have clear agendas, are well structured, well documented and greatly productive. I think this start is incredibly pleasing and give me personally lots of positive energy, hopes and visions for a great future project that aims to leave self-organized and perpetuating practical projects of children, parents and their educators, many trained teachers well skilled to engage children in permaculture. It will also allow us to learn heaps from children and from nature bringing children to learn with and from and in nature.
Thank you Gaye for keeping the idea alive for over 2 years and formally representing children in permaculture now, thank you Rakesh for picking it up and offering great facilitation and ideas how to proceed effectively testing sociocracy in our work and thank you Lusi, our tireless engine for keeping us on track, focused and progressing so sweetly. And all of us others in the pioneer circle for wonderful work and energy you have been taking in the children in permaculture.
We will inform you further as we progress developing our ideas and work.
So stay tuned…
ERASMUS + project Proposal

„Life from soil“

Call for partners: More information here

Idea:  Increase of skills and abilities of vulnerable groups of people to be self-dependent,  employable, active   and competitive in their effort – search for sustianable and fruitfull, rewarding life. 

Specific Objectives
  1. Increase the skills and abilities of trainers, teachers, practicioners and representatives of local municipalities in areas of formal and non-formal education. 
  2. Develop innovative learning and teaching tools that will fulfill the overal objective and satisfy the needs of the trainers and learners in area of social entreprices
  3. Through effective trans-national and local communication and cooperation improve the accessibility and dissemination of innovative learning tools and techniques on social rural entreprices and job creation.  

COUNTRY NEWS - what's going on


by Joel Rosenberg

Finland's national permaculture network is progressing. We don't have an official PC association but will be using GEN-Finland ("SKEY" in finnish), an existing organisation as a tool for applying funds and organising courses and events. GEN-Finland has Erasmus+ mobilities for 2015-2016. We'll send out learners with focus on educating permaculture teachers and creating sustainability education for finnish ecovillages.


by Monika Frank

An inte
nsive discussion about the French diploma-system and accreditation criteria is on its way and a new protocol will soon see the day. Also, the "Conseil administratif" of the "Université Populaire de Permaculture" welcomed new faces to re-establish a self-organized organisation of permaculture teachers, tutors and students. The website is undergoing a remake as well, so await the news to appear soon here:


by Cathrine Dolleris

The LAND network for Learning and Network Demonstration sites in Denmark is thriving. Recently the 6th LAND centre was accredited and more are in the pipeline. A recent LAND gathering showed keen interest in continuing the network, despite no funding is available. The getting together, sharing resources and knowledge, making posters, seeing great permaculture sites and supporting each other in developing permaculture livelihoods are all elements that permies in the network wouldn't be without. A series of workshops are being planned with a special focus on the needs of LAND centres: Next up is a Communication workshop (in Danish) and in April a "People & Permaculture" workshop with a community connection theme held in English and open for international participation. See invitation further down.


Training opportunities with Aranya and Chris Evans

By Sandra Campe

Briefly before Christmas, 18 participants came together to do a 5 day intensive Training of Permaculture Teachers Course (in short: ToT) in the Ecovillage of Sieben Linden with Aranya and Chris Evans of Designed Visions.

After 3 days of input and intense exchange and lots of small group work, everybody of the very diverse group of participants did a microteach on day 4 - wow, what a collection of good sessions on so many interesting topics! This highlight was followed by a Q&A in the evening and a talk by Chris about the Permaculture Network in Nepal and then a final Sauna... before we rounded it off on Friday and most people went home.

Most - but not all: some stayed on and a few more joined for a Tutors' Training with Aranya, who is a senior tutor in the british Permaculture Diploma Pathway. Keep reading...


women farmer groupDear Changemakers,
Dear friends,

We are happy that after a long and intensive participative planning period our 3 years project in Ghana:"poverty reduction through sustainable development in rural areas in Ghana" has finally started, is moving forward and bringing sustainable development to rural areas of Ghana. 

This project will cover over 90 workshops (environmental awareness and green business) in 20 locations across Ghana, the establishment of a training center with accommodation in Techiman, a leadership training/EDE course, a sustainability conference, 4 cross border permaculture courses.
Paul Yeboah
The Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) has a lot of experience as an educational organization: in environmental education as well as in the provision of income generating activities such as the production and marketing of Moringa products, mushroom cultivation, beekeeping and organic farming methods. The network for environmental education and initiatives in Ghana and West Africa will help communities to use locally available resources more efficiently, to create other sources of income as well as open perspectives for activities and thereby empower the local communities. 
Based on workshops practical experiences and knowledge of eco-conscious economic and lifestyle forms will be passed on in rural areas of Ghana.

The 3 years project will has a budget of 311,221 Euros, of which SONED managed to get funding of 233,416 Euros from the German ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) and  co-funding from the German Heidehof foundation of 28,700. The implementing organization Ghana Permaculture Institute(GPI) will contribute 6,224 Euros and of the remaining 42,881 Euros we collected already donations of 13,800 Euros.

So this is my invitation to you: get connected with this great project and let the people in rural Ghana know that you/your organization is supporting their fight against poverty and environmental degradation.
Support the project online at 
or send a donation for this project to:
SONED, IBAN: DE53430609678025306601, BIC: GENODEM1GLS, subject: Ghana Project
Attached you can find the flyer of this great model project and an actual report from one of the Green Business Workshops about Moringa proceeding.
best regards and thanks a lot 
happy new year

Kipper and Natalie
Southern Networks for environment and development SONED e.V. 
Kreutzigerstr. 19; 10247 Berlin Germany
Fon.: 0049-30/ 294 5401 , e-mail:

Permaculture in Africa

By Jillian Hovey

Dakar, Senegal - the western-most tip of Africa, and former slave trading post - was home to the Global Ecovillage Network’s international conference December 10 - 14.  There were meetings with the country’s king, spiritual leaders, and musical icon Youssou N’Dour (who is now Senegal’s Minister of Culture and Tourism).  This is because ecovillages (and permaculture) are a strategy of resilience for the country - Transition Towns take note!

During the conference, we convened a lunch meeting for people interested and involved in Permaculture.  Together, we drew a map of Africa and identified permaculture organisations across the continent.  Some have been offering permaculture for many years, such as the long-standing Fambidzanai Permaculture Centre in Zimbabwe, which was established in 1988. Read more here...

EVENTS - upcoming

IPC UK 2015 International Permaculture Convergence


Permaculture Teachers' Training

Croatian Permaculture Association, in cooperation with the Permaculture Association (Britain) and supported by Erasmus+ programme and Gaia Trust, will host Permaculture Teachers’ Training Course in Zagreb, Croatia, from February 10 to February 20, 2015. Trainers are George Sobol and Rakesh Rootsman Rak from the UK and the course will be taught in English.

Teaching is like passing the light through the prism, where the light changes its characteristics at the end point. And there are at least two prisms - the Trainer and the Student. 

Making an informative and interesting permaculture course depend on teacher’s ability to find the right balance between providing the correct understanding the essence of permaculture in the multitude of its aspects and enriching the subject by both teacher’s and student’s personal experience and understanding. 

The permaculture teacher should be able to find the appropriate course format and to compose the individual program based on the international curriculum taking into account resources available, local natural and cultural circumstances and community demands. 

The trainer should be familiar with specific requirements for adult education and to be able to maintain a friendly atmosphere of mutual learning. The use of interactive teaching methods and techniques of accelerated learning is now becoming the norm in permaculture education. 

People and Permaculture – Designing Effective Collaboration 

Denmark: 9th April to 14th April at Fejø LAND centre and retreat.
Click here for pre-registration

Skills and tools for productive organisations and individuals

Humans are social animals, we live, work and play in relationship with each other. These relationships can be hugely nourishing and productive, or challenging and frustrating, or both...

On this innovative course we will explore how permaculture design tools and other techniques can be used to help us come together and collaborate more easily and effectively in groups, businesses, relationships and organisations.

This course brings wisdom and tools from the People and Permaculture movement, Sociocracy, Nonviolent Communication, Dragon Dreaming and the 8 Shields. Participants will learn about themselves and about how groups work, and find new ways to bring regenerative design to their co-creativity. 

The 3 day weekend (Friday to Sunday) introduces tools and frameworks to grow better organisations, and the optional 2 day deepening (Monday and Tuesday) provides mentored design time to help participants explore and bring these ideas into their own lives and work more fully.

Lead trainer – Peter Cow

Peter is an experienced Permaculture trainer and facilitator from Britain, leading People and Permaculture courses and Permaculture Design Courses around Europe. 

A founding member of the Thriving Ways social permaculture teaching and coaching collective, Peter co-designed and co-taught the first ever People and Permaculture Facilitator Training in 2013 with Looby Macnamara. He also co-founded a British permaculture eco-community in 2000 where he lived for 7 years, in deep collaboration with the land and the community of people. Peter is passionate about using Permaculture to support insightful personal growth, regenerative relationships and effective organisations.

Permaculture in Community

LOCATION / HOSTS: This course will be held at a new community just outside Brasov in Romania, about 200 KM north of Bucharest. The name of this community is "Armonia Brassovia" and you can find out more about them on the english version of the webpage here:
Armonia Brassovia is a recently developing community, that has grown to more than 50 families since this great project started in 2012, and the members have been active in a number of festivals already, like this one:
COSTS: This is a fully inclusive live in course with all accommodation and food included in the one fee. It also includes a full Course Handbook with the whole curriculum detailed. Travel is not
included. However assistance for any internal travel could be supported with respectful requests.
This all inclusive fee is 700 Euros. Scholarships maybe available. A deposit payment of 350 Euros to ensure your space in this course is required by 1st of May.
CONTACT: Address all communication to the hosting group from Armonia Brassovia through

Permaculture Educators' Course


Friland, Denmark, 9-17 May

with Andy Goldring and Cathrine Dolleris

During eight interactive and information-filled days, Small Planet will be offering a course to enhance your skills in teaching permaculture and to add new information to your curriculum. The course is suitable for anyone teaching, or interested in teaching permaculture or other related topics.

More information here

Regenerative Culture Gathering  

Bringing together Permaculture, Deep nature connection and Indigenous cultural wisdom
20-25 June 2015, Schweibenalp ecovillage, Switzerland

Catalysing, Connecting, Sharing, Co creating, Celebrating

In this gathering we aim to bring together Art of Mentoring/8 Shields and Permaculture as pathways to a new earth-based culture. We invite all you wonderful people aiming and working for cultural regeneration to share your experiences, skills and visions. Therefore we invite people from these movements and related networks. We want to connect to each other, listen to the land and to our stories, growing together as an international village including elders, children and young people.

This event includes a rare 2 day facilitator/mentoring training with Lauren Dalbeth Hage and Dave Hage, who have been running the 'Regenerative Design Nature Awareness' and 'Weaving Earth' programs in California - immersive 9 month courses combining Permaculture ideas with indigenous cultural wisdom, gathering and practising tools and skills for regenerative culture. They will share their experiences and learnings, as well as introducing coyote teaching and other mentoring methods.
After this weekend training there will be 3 days to learn from each other, share ideas and visions, and explore ways to develop these wisdoms and techniques in Europe.

We will meet each other in the circle: our feet on mother earth with our heads in the sky, ready for a new culture in peace with ourselves, the earth and each other. From there new stories can arise, we will strengthen our connections and our networks and share our visions.

Seminar price: CHF 270.-

Food & accommodation:
- Single room CHF 120.- per night
- Double room CHF 105.-per night
- Multiple bed room CHF 95.- p.n.
- Tier pricing for tent 
CHF 70.-p.n. (solidarity price), 
CHF 55.- p.n. (normal price), 
CHF 40.- p. n. (reduced price)

Location - Center of Unity Schweibenalp, 3855 Brienz, Switzerland
Dear Friends of Permaculture
Permakultura CS is very pleased to invite you for an international PDC with Tomas Remiarz in August 2015 in Czech republic

These 2 weeks of learning, sharing experience and practice can make a real difference to your personal and professional life and be the best investment of your time and money towards a real sustainable future.

August 1st – 16th, 2015 in Slunakov eco-centre, Czech Republic

Course cost: 610 Euro, teaching language English

Contact and applications:

all other information you will find in attachments and or our website....

Permaculture Summer Schools August September 2015

Steve Hart, 
The College is excited to announce the confirmation of a series of courses by Robyn Francis in Bulgaria and Romania in Aug/Sept. She will be leading a "Permaculture Design Course" from August 3rd to 18th which will then be followed immediately by a "Permaculture Teacher Training Course" from the 19th to 27th. These are both at a fabulous venue in rural Bulgaria. The website for these courses will be available very soon from Donka. The co-convenor is Donka Radeva These course are fully recognised University Summer Schools within the university where Donka is doing her PhD. University of National and World Economy -
The third course of Robyn Francis is "Permaculture in Community" with co-convenors being who are well experienced in event management. This is a very exciting course being the first in the world of its type. It draws in all the dynamics of community and the entire world of Social Permaculture. It will I'm sure forge a new chapter in the whole dynamic of Permacultue. The invitation goes out to all who are interested in any aspect of this world to become active participants and to learn and offer this evolution.
Robyn Francis is one of the world's leading Permaculture teachers with vast skills and experience to share. Grasp this opportunity to work alongside her this coming summer.  
Martina and I along with Anezka Tcakova have had extensive communication with the University of Applied Sciences CZU, in Prague over 18 months with very positive future outcomes. We are collectively working towards creating Permaculture courses and teaching within the university. There may well be a course to be announced soon, expected for August 2015. This will be another University recognised Summer School. We have also invited Fiona Morris from Wagenengin University to share her skills and experiences into CZU which goes a long way to developing collaboration of universities in Europe. CZU, like Wagenengin and Hohenheim in Stuttgart, is a leading agriculture university having a number of diverse farms and are active in building collaboration with universities throughout Europe and further afield, including New Zealand. We have also had very positive communications with The University of Southern Bohemia in Ceske Budojevic a city in the very south of Czech. We are presently working with them to develop a new course in Landscape Ecology which will have components of Permaculture within. 
Martin has been very active in confirming Permaculture courses and workshops with Albert Bates both in Sweden and Iceland. Albert is planed to lead a full "Permaculture Design Course" in Iceland. Again through August and again hopefully as a recognised University Summer School. Albert Bates of course is another of the world's leading Permaculture tutors with considerable skill sets and a wealth of experience. He is a leading commentator on the whole subject of "Biochar" and soils regeneration. From "The Farm" in Tennessee he is an exciting person to learn from.
So the choices for everyone are diverse in more ways than one
All these courses are detailed on The College website 
​ ​On behalf of The College we do look forward to another exciting future through 2015. Warm wishes to you all. Steve Hart

International Social Permaculture Course (pre IPCUK)

1-6 September 2015, The Sustainability Centre, Hampshire, UK

Led by Starhawk, Robin Clayfield, Robina McCurdy, Looby Macnamara and Peter Cow, this course will explore and share how Permaculture is used around the world to create effective individuals, and regenerative communities and organisations.

More information coming soon -
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