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Permaculture for Farms - conference and visits

17-26 of July 2017, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia


We are happy to share with you an exciting news - we have just received the grant from the Visegrad fund to conduct the conference on permaculture farming and farm visits in Central Europe

  • Meet the best European permaculture farmers and experts at a 3 days conference which will take place on 17-19 July in Prague, Czech Republic and share your farming experience! We will have opportunity to discuss key technical, economic and social aspects of farming. Both in-person and online presenters and participants are welcomed!
  • Panel discussion on the development of the European network of permaculture education and demonstration centers.
  • After the conference you will be offered to see best practices and to get a hand-on experience during the following visits to 5 permaculture education and demonstration farms in Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.
  • Please, follow us on Facebook for more details on the program.

Eva Hauserová, Permakultura (CS), Iván Gyulai, Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development, Jozef Fekiač, Permaculture SK, Pavlo Ardanov, NGO “Permaculture in Ukraine”, Robert Palusinski, Deep Democracy Foundation,

MedipermaneT - new network around the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Permaculture Network (MedipermaneT) is a project that started at the EuPC 2016 in Italy in September and was presented on December 1st 2016.

The idea is having a representative per region who would collect material on effective permaculture strategies and techniques in the Mediterranean.

We’re still looking for  representatives in Libya, Syria, Malta, Jordan, San Marino, Monaco and Andorra.

If you live in the Mediterranean area and want to join one of the existing teams you’re very welcome! Contact Alessandro Ardovini at

Discussion - "The Permaculture Dogma" ?!

Are "swales" good or bad? Are Mollison's writings infallible and "a bible" we must follow?

Could the "dogma" issue be related to a widespread misunderstanding of what permaculture really is? Are we confusing the dogmatic application of techniques with the skeptical application of design philosophy? And if so how did we get there?

Follow Maranke Spoor (in Dutch) Rafter Sas Ferguson's article and Leo Bakx's writings on the Aardwerk Popup Academie Cooperation blog to know more.

The Nordic Permaculture Movement is creating cohesion and consistency through Scandinavia!

As every year since the creation of Permakultur Danmark the boards of the three Nordic permaculture
associations together with many other engaged permaculturist gathered to figure out how to support each other and the permaculture movement in Scandinavia.

This year the gathering took place in the beautiful eco-village Friland in Djursland. 

Read more... 


Training of Permaculture Teachers Course 21st - 30th March 2017

Applewood Permaculture Centre, North Herefordshire, UK with Looby Macnamara, Chris Evans, Tomas Remiarz

A 9-day course packed with creative and practical learning for aspiring permaculture teachers, led by experienced tutors. If you've ever wanted to inspire others but haven't had the confidence this course is for you.

Click for more info

Advanced Permaculture Design Course

1-4 November 2017

with Joe Atkinson and Cathrine Dolleris
at Naturplanteskolen in Denmark.

This intensive course builds on the PDC and will help take your permaculture practice to the next level. It will show you how to approach problems in a structured way and build your confidence as a designer.

Click here for more info or write to


Do you have or know of a biodiversity-friendly solution that can reduce biodiversity loss, prevent soil degradation and feed a growing population? 
Then share it with us in our Solution Search Contest! The grand prize winner will receive $30,000, and there will be four category prizes of $15,000. 
You can nominate an idea or submit your own before 10 March 2017.  
Read the IFOAM Newsletter here for more info.

Introducing the Lush Spring Prize

A new £200,000 Prize for projects working on social and environmental regeneration

Why apply?…

Are you, or an organisation you’re involved with, trying to work in harmony with nature to revive damaged social and natural environments? Could your work benefit from some extra money or support? Do you want to share what you are doing with similar organisations around the world? Nominations for 2017 are open until February 28th

Co-creating a common narrative

19 – 22 APRIL 2017
Trade Fairs & Congress Center MALAGA (Spain)

Despite the good intentions of the Sustainable Development Goals we are still coping with problems such as poverty, inequality or the violation of human rights.

At NESI Forum, inspiring speakers, thought leaders, innovators, economists, and global business leaders will gather to explore various topics and issues related to New Economy.

This event has been designed to benefit everyone from NGOs and small business owners, to CEOs and global leaders. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the co-creation of the first Manifesto for a New Economy.

Forest Gardening in Practice – the Book

By Tomas Remiarz

For three decades experimental forest gardens have been planted in temperate cities and rural sites, in households, neighbourhoods, community gardens, parks, market gardens and plant nurseries. Tomas Remiarz' ground-breaking book, “Forest Gardening In Practice” is the first in-depth review of forest gardening with living, best practice examples from the UK, Europe and North America. Pre-order now and be one of the first to receive the book in spring 2017!

… and the tour

To promote best practice in forest gardening and show how it can be applied in the home, in community and commercial situations, Tomas Remiarz will be giving talks and holding workshops across Europe in 2017. Events in the UK, Czechia and Germany are already planned. If you would like to discuss the possibility of inviting Tomas, please contact

Nordic Permaculture Festival 2017

Southern Iceland 20-23rd of July.

The focus will be on emerging communities, how to
build from scratch by turning what society thinks of as trash into resources. Participants are invited to take part in an aspiring community that has the focus of creating communities that care.

Come, and you will take part in making the festival as good as it can be. There will be lots of options for you to learn from other participants and to share and learn from academic, practical and theoretical sides of approaches in permaculture. Side events include a PDC and Teacher Training.

To ensure that the festival does not cause more problems than it solves the main host organization is setting up a carbon footprint fund so that people can get pollution calculations and donate to carbon sequestration projects that use permaculture methods and design.

Contact Mörður for more info, contributions and side events:




The registration for IPC-India is open – please use the opportunity to buy early bird tickets and support the organisers this way.

At IPC India we want to bring together representatives from every part of the world to talk about the possibilities and tasks of Permaculture and to build lasting and fundamental networks.

We need your help to get people from less economically advantaged countries to IPC-India! IPC’s are sponsored through the worldwide permaculture community. Find out how to sponsor.

A collection of IPC stories

Find stories from delegates from the last IPC 2015 in UK

Ayouba M. Kamara, Liberia:
“I think the IPCUK make a difference in my life because, from the IPCUK, I become an IPC council member and now working with other council members to make IPC india a successful IPC like IPCUK.”


"Welcome To The Village" is an innovative annual festival in Friesland - Leeuwarden. It is a meeting of music, great food and radical ideas. During the festival the ideas that have been workshopped during the week before are presented to the public. Redesigning communities for a sustainable and thriving future is the central theme. Entrepreneurs, scientists, students, artists and other brilliant people work together to evolve new concepts to practical applications. This should all sound very familiar to permaculture designers. So for the first time this year a number of permanauts will join The Village.
While Almere is preparing for the world horticultural exhibition in 2022, an ambitious plan is taking shape in the region: Maak Oosterwold ("Make Eastwood"). The municipalities of Almere and Zeewolde are inviting proposals for redesigning a 4.363 hectare open landscape into the most eco-sustainable community with 15,000 houses, small business and agro-ecological farms. There is a great opportunity here for new permaculture based project and many of the projects put forward show the application of permaculture design ethics and principles.
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