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GROW opportunity

In 2018, we have some big plans around changing climate and on living soils. Within this there are four GROW Observatory courses running, from basic soil analysis and monitoring to using sensors and testing different regenerative growing practices. The final course will consist of a massive collective experiment in growing spaces across Europe. You don’t have to complete all of the courses, but we hope you will be inspired to take part in as many as possible.

We’re coming together to address science challenges and gaps in our current knowledge, from creating detailed soil data to enhancing climate prediction models and earth observation from satellites.

Together we will gather evidence to support policy change towards more sustainable land practices. Wherever you are in Europe and whatever scale you grow at, you have something worthwhile to share with us.

We’ll help you build healthier soils, grow food more sustainably and better adapt to climate change. This is your chance to be part of a vibrant, inclusive community of growers across Europe learning with and from each other.

Sign up for our free course: and find our more information on our website.

IPC-India 2017, the 13th International Permaculture-Convergence is past

A great event - here some links to look at - more reports will be ready till the next newsletter:

IPC India 2017
IPC Facebook

Starhawk: a vision for the new year
Designing resilient communities and landscapes

The next IPC will be in Argentina in 2020

As you might know International Permaculture Convergences – IPC’s are
taking place since 1984 and the next will be in Argentina in 2020 (link to mail them) and a presentation video is here 

Wanted: Host for EUPC 2020

You are part of a strong local/national network, seeking for a new challenge? 

What about hosting the European Permaculture Convergence in 2020? We invite you to discuss this idea in your network! 
In the next newsletter we will send out a link to the detailed package of information including the application form and info on the requirements. 

We are looking forward to your application and a face-to-face meeting at this years EUPC in Ireland

Best wishes, the EUPN-EUPC Team 
Margret, Moni, Pavlo, Petra, Valerie

Seminte Libere - Free Seeds

A project born from the permaculture ethics, Semințe Libere (Free Seeds) was initiated in 2014 under the România în Tranziție umbrella, member of the Transition Towns Network and is developed together with the Permaculture Research Institute of Romania.

The philosophy behind: “Seeds, like the earth, were “born” already free, we are not their inventors so we don’t own them, We are only the preservers, the custodians - for the next generations to come.

The project’s intentions are: biodiversity preservation, safekeeping of the traditional, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds – Nature’s ultimate legacy and gift and not the least, the reconnection of the communities around this source of life.

This time of year several swapping events are organized in cities for the holders to share their seeds surplus and also their projects, celebrating the meeting and the connection.

More about us:

Watch our Movie

Permaculture highlights in Latvia 2018:
Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and 5th Permaculture festival

Latvian Permaculture Association with its partners is happy to announce that in 2018 we want to make the next step in spreading permaculture teaching and practice in Latvia and its surrounding region through training the first group of permaculture trainers in 2018-2020. This can enable even more widespread permaculture training through much lower training costs, region-specific solutions and reduction of language barriers. Application is open to all PDC holders in Baltics and beyond.

The first training sessions are planned for two weeks in summer 2018 - June 25-29th and August 13-17th on "Lejas Varicēni" permaculture farm and Latvian Open Permaculture farm "Zadiņi", following on the back of the 5th Latvian Permaculture festival on August 10-12th, 2018.

Latvian Permaculture Association have managed to maintain the tradition of annual permaculture festivals and initiated the preparations for the anniversary 5th Permaculture festival on August 10-12th, 2018 in Latvian Open Permaculture farm. On 2017 the three days festival hosted more than 150 people and multiple parallel sessions on theoretical and practical permaculture knowledge. For more information follow the next EUPN newsletters and LPA website

LAND in Norway

The LAND network in Norway is growing!

We held the first LAND network meeting 27- 29. Okt at Eidanger Prestegård. The group of advisors, working group members and members of the board discussed and developed our criteria, assessed Eidanger prestegård, and begun work on possible Nordic funding applications. Thanks to Erasmus+ funding we also had the pleasure of the participation and valuable contributions from Cathrine Dolleris, and Maja Kristensen, from Denmark.
We now have a revised set of criteria, and new application and assessment documents to comply with this. We have also expanded to three ‘tiers’ for LAND candidates: LAND centre, LAND learner and LAND sprout. This will hopefully ease the process for the candidates and advisors.
We plan to develop ‘starter-packs’ for new LAND centres with signage and educational materials.
The project is moving forwards in a rhythm that is in tune with the fact that this is volunteer work, so slow and gradual steps contributes to a steady growth!
To support our direction we are in a process of continuing to seek further funding both nationally and in Nordic collaboration.
If you are interested to know more, please get in touch on   
We also have more info on our website:

In recent months there has been a great increase of LAND sites:
LAND centres;
- Alvastien Telste in Hardanger
- Seversgarden at Byrknesøy
LAND learners:             
- Parkens Grøde in Oslo
- Porsgrunn Andelsgård in Porsgrunn
LAND sprouts:              
- Spiralen in Sarpsborg

20 years of permaculture on the Swedish coast

On the Swedish west coast on an island in the sea we are since 20 years working on our permaculture project.

With permaculture design methods we have built up a garden, greenhouses and a restaurant. Our produce is mainly delivered to our kitchen but also sold in our farm shop. The more and the better connections we can establish the better system we can establish. The garden is manured and mulched with seaweed from the beaches and all leftovers from kitchen fed to chickens and compost worms.

Now we are establishing a coop which is taking over the restaurant business which is great. Suddenly the project is full of young entrepreneurs willing to take it further yet letting the vision rest on permaculture. We are truly grateful. We give permaculture courses and host others to give their courses here. For example: 29 May – 3 June Cultural Emergence Design Course with Looby Macnamara; 7-9 September, 8 Shields with Peter Cow, 24-30 September, Social permaculture with Noemie Cheval & Helena von Bothmer.

EuPN Web Site News

The Resources for Action created a public page.

The EuPN website now supports and enforces encrypted connections. Read more >>

We have a new service for our membership: logos and house style elements available for download from our website. Log in as a member and find them under the Media menu.

Tip for working groups: public content
If you want to publish information on behalf of your working group, you can do so yourself. Read more >>

Join the Global Educators Membership today

Quality teachers are essential to the successful spread of Permaculture around the world. Be it introductions, PDCs, talks, or working with educational institutions, each year thousands of people learn how to change their world with Permaculture.

We now have a network of educators that can easily communicate and share resources with each other, no matter their location; to help bring permaculture education into the mainstream.
Join now and change your world


Workshops in Croatia 

Connect a holiday by the sea with inspirational learning and join one of the the seminars at the eco retreat camp Gea Viva on the Croatian Island Brač:

26.4.-1.5. Drystone walling
Learn how to build truly sustainable retaining walls with the association Dragodid.

24.-29.5. Contact improvisation
Relax at our Contact improvisation Jam over the bank holiday weekend with Katy Dymoke and Robert Anderson.

30.5.-10.672h Permaculture Design Course
Join us for your Permaculture Design course with the experienced Permaculture teacher Karmela Kis.

12.- 19.6. Bullding the Eco house of your dreams
If you ever thought about renovating or building your own eco house, this seminar by the award-winning eco architect Sabine Engelhardt is for you.

4.-11. 8. Women's retreat - the wise self
This lovingly crafted retreat offers the opportunity to step away from your busy life and find the voice that whispers the truth within.

25.8.-1.9. Dragon Dreaming
Learn how to dream up and plan truly successful projects in groups, facilitated by Ulrike Reimann


Children in Permaculture Conference:
Prague, Czech Republic: 4th & 5th May 2018

by Lusi Alderslowe and Lara Kastelic

The first ever international conference about engaging Children in Permaculture and the final main event of the Children in Permaculture project, sharing the results with the international community. Showcasing the Children in Permaculture project’s innovative resources including case studies, films, session plans, activities and the manual for engaging children in permaculture.

One day will be dedicated to presentations and workshops with international educators, and the other day will be child-oriented as we visit a school which has an inspirational permaculture garden. 

Presenters will be educators, lecturers, teachers, pedagogues, children and permaculturists from throughout Europe: from Scotland to Romania. They will cover topics including creating an outdoor learning space, how to engage children in permaculture and how to connect outdoor learning with the school curriculum.

The conference will be an opportunity to connect with like-minded educators and organisations and to design the next steps to engage children in education based on the principles of earth care, people care and fair share. 

Early bird ticket until the 30th of January.        REGISTER HERE.

Nordic Permaculture Festival

July 12.-15. 2018

The Nordic Permacultur Festival will take place in stunning Jondal Fjord at the "Hardanger Academy for Peace, Development and Environment.

EuPC in Ireand 2018

The 2018 European Permaculture Convergence will be held at Knockree Hostel, Enniskerry, County Wicklow from the 8th to 13th August 2018!

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