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It's a HOBY kind of summer!

This summer I will be traveling to Chicago, IL., Midland, MI. and Pella, IA to deliver keynotes for one of my favorite organizations to work with, HOBY.  The Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Conference is a conference for students coming out of their sophomore year.  This year, I will be keynoting at the conference in Chicago which is the World Leadership Congress which is their annual international conference! The international conference is seven days. The state conferences are typically over the weekend on a college campus. From what I've seen and heard from HOBY students that I'm still in touch with is that it simply is a life changing experience!  So much so that I am sending two sophomores from my school in New York City to attend the NYC Metro seminar May 29-31.  I am excited to continue my relationship with HOBY students and staff.   I also need to show love to conference coordinators Allison Poss and Sarah Chabot for continuing to bring Passion for Leadership to their conferences.  Love ya'll! 

What I Learned About Students Motivation Today!

In 2009, I started a video blog that chronicled my adventures towards becoming a motivational speaker and all my experiences along the way.  After 5 years and nearly 10,000 views I decided it was time to repurpose the blog to bring more value to my followers and supporters.
The new video blog is called, "What I Learned About Student Motivation Today!"  You can watch all 5 episodes here and I will release a new one every Tuesday through June.  The blog is for anyone that needs advice motivating and inspiring youth specifically educators and community organizations.  As a speaker, Dream Directing has become the practice to my preach and I am bringing this information to you as often as I can!  Enjoy! 

Student Spotlight - Diane Marcum

When someone talks about something they are passionate about there is a light in their eyes and such a smile on their face that is breathtaking. I heard Lamarr speak at a leadership conference my junior year of high school. Lamarr talked about passion with such a passion of his own that it seemed to ignite a little light inside of all of us, or maybe it was just me, I do not know for sure. He asked us what our passions were; some could answer without hesitation while others drew a blank. I had to think a little, but when it came down to it I knew I had three: writing, traveling, and helping people. After taking the Passion Pledge I was not going to just sit back and live like nothing had changed. I decided to take action, and thus Forward Thinkers was born. 

Forward Thinkers is an Instagram account that I started about two years ago after I heard Lamarr speak. Why I started the account is a hard question to answer because I am still not quite sure, I just did. I knew I wanted to communicate to people words of inspiration and as junior in high school I was not sure how to effectively do that. I was real big into Instagram and I followed a lot of accounts that put out daily quotes and I thought, “If they can, why can’t I?” so I did. I find a certain beauty in quotes that is hard to explain, though I will try my best; I think that the right quote can relate so almost perfectly to how one is feeling to just about anything because we all read it the same way but interpret it to our own situation and feelings, hence why I use quotes. 

We all go through our ups and downs but we keep going on; we keep moving forward.

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P.S. Message - Congrats to the graduating high school and college classes of 2015! 

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