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Passion, Action, Momentum and Confidence! 

I started Passion for Leadership in 2008. Since then I've had lots of highs and lows. There have not been as many lows, but I've had lows. Often times when we feel low, we feel like the whole world is against us even though it's not. I had one of those moments within the first year of moving to NYC in 2013. When I moved I had just come off my best year ever as a speaker. I had 37 paid speaking engagements, and I made the most money I'd ever made doing the work that I loved. 

When I moved to NYC something happened. That year I only had 12 paid opportunities, and I began to do less work on my business and concentrate more of my time/effort into being a Dream Director because I felt more power in that role. I began to question if I was good enough to be a nationally recognized motivational speaker. My living situation in NYC was not ideal at first, and I ended up on a friend’s couch for two months. I had to figure out a way to sell my car. Half of my life was still sitting in Nebraska because you can't move all your property to Manhattan. Although I moved to NYC to expand upon my passions and engage in work with The Future Project that I deeply cared about, I felt that what I had built to this point with P4L was slipping away from me.  My confidence was at an all time low.

I realized that when we lack confidence it puts us in a state where we are taking few actions towards our goals, dreams and passions. We begin to settle for what is, instead of getting in action around what we want.

I'm writing to say that finding your passion is essential, and you are going to have sparks of greatness because of it. Putting yourself in action towards your passion builds momentum, and when momentum starts swinging your way your confidence stays high. When your confidence is high you want to dominate all the time. So the key here is to first, explore and find your passion. Then you must remain in action towards that passion so you don't have extended periods of time when your confidence has a chance to take a dip.   

How do you do this? Surround yourself with accountability partners.  Purposely surround yourself with others who are in pursuit of passion!  Who are your personal dream directors?  Don't let your friends settle for the status quo.  When you are in action, they will be in action.  Take personal development courses that push your mental boundaries beyond what you think is possible.  Take a course that allows you to network with like-minded individuals, and learn a new skill that will prevent you from having to pay someone later to do something for you.  Be open to coaching and mentorships from the best in your industry, and finally, just keep working hard to get what it is you want.

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Student Spotlight - Ethan Widoff

When I first had the chance to meet Lamarr at the Southwestern University Student Leadership Conference, he asked us all what we were most passionate about. The only answer that I had to that question was that I wanted to make a difference in this world. I knew where I wanted to go, but I had no idea how to get there.

I had been asked to speak that day as one of the student presenters for the conference. I had always loved public speaking, and after many years of practice and previous experience, I felt I was pretty good at it too. But that day, thanks to Lamarr, I realized that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

After his presentation, Lamarr and I had a great discussion in which he revealed to me that he chose motivational speaking as his career because he wanted to help young people just like him find and pursue what they were passionate about through motivational speaking.

Since meeting Lamarr in late October 2015, I have created The Wid Kid, my own motivational speaking company that will be launching May of 2016. You can count me in as one of the many people whose life Lamarr changed that rainy day in Georgetown, Texas. He is a great leader, a great mentor, a great friend, and I am forever grateful to him.

P4L's New Web Series Now Available! 

I am broadcasting live about, "What I Learned About Student Motivation Today!" on Facebook Live every Friday at Noon eastern.  The web series is for educators, youth engagement professionals and students looking for strategies to motivate their schools and create an awesome school culture!   Please watch and share with educators around the country!  

All episodes are also available here.

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