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Are you an Encourager or a Discourager?

Often times when students and professionals are pursuing passions and dreams they need to find safe haven among people that are in support of their passions and dreams.  
In serious conversations with people in pursuit of a passion or a dream, are you someone who is supportive or are you someone who is the so called "devil's advocate"?  Our reactions and language are important because they set the tone for how we come across to the ones we love who are in pursuit. 
Questions Supporters Ask: 
1) How can I help?
2) What's the next step? 
3) Who can I connect you to?
Questions Devil's Advocates Ask:
1) Are you sure you want to do this?
2) Where are you going to get the money?
3) You do know that it's really hard to make it, right? 
Be an encourager!

Lamarr and his student, Gissell, featured on MSNBC

The Dream Bus

This past summer I had the opportunity to ride on the inaugural Dream Bus as it toured across America.  Lena Jacobs, a Sophomore at Middlebury College and a Future Project alumnae, had a dream to create a mobile classroom on a school bus and drive it across America collecting dreams and supporting students. In five months, from January 2015 to May 2015, she built her vision.  On July 16th the Dream Bus made its first stop in our nation's capital.  Check out pictures and videos at!

Student Spotlight: Meet Alexandra!

My name is Alexandra Benavides, and I speak to audiences on behalf of suicide survivors to promote suicide and bully prevention. Sophomore year I joined my school's Be Nice Leadership Team and have been the head of it since. Our team holds assemblies and events to spread awareness on bullying prevention and depression awareness. Since then I have received offers to speak to multiple crowds about my story of depression and suicide. I share my story and reach out to others to create awareness where there isn't any. I have been on radio segments, attended professional dinners, and even spoken in front of my school. I have received a lot of feedback about how my speaking is making a difference, and I will continue to do it for as long as I live.
I first heard Lamarr speak during my ambassador year at HOBY Michigan in 2014. His speech really stuck out to me because at the time I didn't have a lot of faith in my speaking abilities. I didn't believe I would get anywhere with it or be heard as much as I wanted. His words and encouragement made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. So I set my mind to speaking, and I'm living every day making it a bigger and brighter accomplishment. I think back to Lamarr's speech every time I step on the stage to speak. I tell myself over and over, "Passion Nation, Passion Nation." With passion comes success.
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