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February/March 2015 Newsletter
Dear Friends,

Here's what's been happening at Rehoboth. 
  • Ino and Ina (Regina and Regino), Euan and Lenard have all been adopted !!
  • we have a new baby boy
  • Rehoboth Clinic is open ...and busy
  • the fire department came to give important fire extinguisher training and everyone got involved.
  • it's been birthday time again - both our kids and our Rehoboth friend Joanne brought her birthday party to us !
  • Kuehne and Nagel threw us an amazing valentines day party. We'll show you pictures next newsletter.
  • Jen and Dave Steer from Australia have arrived on site and will be serving at Rehoboth for a whole year. We'll tell you more about them next newsletter. Please pray they settle in well, as they establish themselves in Sampaloc and call Rehoboth home.
  • we found new friends in Markus and Judith from Switzerland, and Carol and Paul from the USA,  and this newsletter we will get you up to speed on the work of the World Race Teams and Aussie friends who visited.
  • the AGM/Board meeting is on today. Please pray for wisdom of the Board and members as they discuss Rehoboth, where it has come this past year and plans for the year ahead and beyond. With many cultures represented, pray for clarity and understanding cross culturally, productive discussion and a unified approach to serving children in need and the community of Sampaloc according to the RSM mission statement. 
Thanks for keeping up to date with everything Rehoboth. In our next newsletter - Who are Jen and Dave and what are their plans for their year at Rehoboth?


Ino and Ina (Regina and Regino), Euan and Lenard all have new families.

After much waiting and anticipation, the time came for Ina and Ino, Euan and Lenard to meet their forever families and go to their new homes in the USA and Spain. Please pray for these newly formed and newly expanded forever families as they get to know each other and grow together as a family. 
Please also keep the kids who remain at Rehoboth in your prayers. These little ones form strong friendships with each other as they share life together each day. Some have been waiting for families for a long time and while they are happy for their friends, there are mixed feelings about losing friends and a longing for a forever family to call their own.


It's a boy !
Welcome the latest addition to the Rehoboth family.
Please pray for this little one as he settles in at Rehoboth.


The Medical Clinic is open and busy

Rehoboth Clinic opened it's doors on March 1st. Amazingly, the first baby born was at 11:51pm the same night ! The clinic has now seen two births, lots of child vaccinations, a few children needing IV rehydration or nebulizers, one wound dressing and assorted other other patient services. We are running 24 hours (babies don't keep to business hours). Here are some primary needs: 
  • Contract more midwives, as the three we have are currently stretched thin for time.
  • Identify doctors and dentists who will set office hours within the clinic.
  • Gain rapid approval under the national health insurance program.
  • Completion of some construction tasks 
Please bring these needs in prayer and if you have any contacts or ways to help please email Ken

Fire Safety Training 

Each year the fire extinguishers need checking and refilling. This was an opportune time to have a small fire training session for the staff and some of the older children. Tanay Fire Department conducted the training onsite.

Happy Birthday !

Enjoy these photos of birthday at Rehoboth. One of our girls celebrated and we had a friend bring her birthday party to Rehoboth complete with friends, games, food and cake ! Thank you ! The kids had such a great time.

Volunteers and Visitors Update

Markus and Judith are new friends of Rehoboth from Switzerland. We loved having them stay and play and play and play. The devoted so much time to the kids, constructed a basketball ring, helped with the bike path, celebrated valentines day, kids prom and general day to day Rehoboth. You can read more about their experience on their blog.
Markus and Judith's visit to Rehoboth overlapped the World Race teams. Together they had a huge Boodle fight-style dinner for the kids, including chicken feet and heads! The kids liked them, but the foreigners... not so much. During the evening, there was karaoke for all, and balut for the daring.
We actually had two World Race teams at Rehoboth. These teams are on an 11 month mission trip of service around the world. The Wanderers stayed for 4 weeks in January and Limitless for 3 weeks in February. These fantastic teams helped in the Rehoboth houses, garden and school and each afternoon took small groups of the kids on outings. They also helped construct a bike path so the Rehoboth kids have somewhere to ride. 

Also overlapping with one of the World Race teams were an Australian team of four - Michaela, Alyce, Dianne and Lidia. These wonderful women stayed for a week, faithfully serving by taking the kids to the pool and giving them loads of attention and love. Michaela has been to Rehoboth many times before, participating and then co-leading teams from Heathdale Christian College. 
Thank you to our volunteers who enrich the lives of the children and staff and work hard to keep the environment of Rehoboth in the best possible condition for the time these kids wait for their forever families. 
Kuehne and Nagel Valentines Day Party !

WOW ! What an extravaganza ! the lovely people from Kuehne and Nagel came to Rehoboth for Valentines day, with lots of interesting activities for the children; art, reading, games, music and even our friend Jollibee !  They were so creative and thoughtfully paired up each of their group members with the children. Thank you for such an exciting, stimulating and fun filled day. 

Next newsletter look for

Rehoboth at a Glace

with basic info on budgets, needs and kid statistics.
Do you have or know anyone with skills that might be able to help Rehoboth? Do you have the resources to get onsite? Fill in the volunteer interest form on our website. 
Prayer Requests
  • newly adopted children and their families - for smooth transitions.
  • for the children at Rehoboth who are waiting for a forever family. Pray that the paperwork process for upcoming matching and adoptions goes as quickly as possible, knowing that the best outcome for each child may take time.
  • Pray for the social workers who take on the responsibility of working with families in the community, as well as the local and international adoption processes.    
  • the staff at Rehoboth - that they will know the valuable work they undertake every day and how much they are appreciated by the children, their forever families and the volunteers.
  • the board and administrators - that they will have wisdom in decision making especially at the upcoming AGM
  • the medical clinic - continue to thank God for his provision of the midwives and prayers for more staff and resources to fully develop all services as needed by the local community.
  • Thankfulness for the support of Rehoboth from volunteers and donors. Prayer for the yearly needs to be met so Rehoboth can faithfully and responsibly continue to serve children in need from the Rizal province.
  • the local Sampaloc community - for family unity and stability and that one day, the resources and services of Rehoboth are no longer needed.
Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries Mission Statement
Transforming families and providing alternative futures for children in crisis, based on God's model of love and care, through child and family-oriented programs, projects and services.
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