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August/September 2014 News

Friends of RSM

Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries
Sampaloc, Philippines  

Dear Friends,

Today is the first day of the "Work One Day for Rehoboth Children's Home" fundraiser week and we also have lots of news to share.

Last newsletter we let you know that Cedric, Regina and Regino (Ina and Ino - pictured right) and RapRap's files were making their way step by step through ICAB ( the Inter-Country Adoption Board). This month we are so happy to tell you that they all have family photo books - which means they have been matched and accepted by their forever families. Now the wait for passports, visas and the authority to travel for their new parents and families. How wonderful ! Read more about family photo books below.

Just a few days ago, 2 new children, Christian and Rogie, came to Rehoboth. Fe picked them up from the evacuation zone around the Mayon volcano which is due to erupt.  ICAB asked if Rehoboth could shelter them as they had come from a government home and are already matched - waiting for their forever family to pick them up within the next few months. Please pray for these little ones - that they will be . It must be so unsettling and confusing. I know the care and love they will receive at Rehoboth will be far beyond 'shelter'.

Wendy (pictured right) celebrated her 6th birthday with a very creative cake and a princess outfit. You can see the cake in the photos below. Cedric, PJ and Rona had a combined party and Jomari also celebrated this month. So much cake, so little time! What a wonderful blessing to celebrate a birthday. See below for photos.

Our beautiful Baba (Japanese Grandma - see last newsletter for her story) has been back onsite teaching piano. Here is JM learning and Baba helping him keep time. Josette our friend from the Montana, USA is also on-site at the moment doing some great knitting projects with the kids and in the local community. She previously taught some of our older children to knit who were able to help the ladies in the community learn. See some photos below.

Today we are expecting a team of Australians to arrive onsite. They are from Casino Christian School and Casino Presbyterian Church.They will be staying for about 2 weeks and are planning to be busy fixing a water issue we have onsite. Some trenches have been dug and pipes and a new pump are onsite ready to be installed. This will mean reliable water to the newest buildings at Rehoboth. The team were due to arrive yesterday, and landed in Manila, but there has been so much rain the roads have been flooded and the Marikina River was up to 19 meters deep. Please keep those displaced by these floods in your prayers. The water today was receding but still chest high in some places. Pray for the team as I am sure they are eager to get started.

Jan Druckenmiller (our COO) is at Rehoboth at the moment. She and Fe were able to visit the GIFT church to thank them for their support of Rehoboth. Thank you GIFT church. Craig (Jan's husband) also arrived in to Manila yesterday and is stuck there with the flooding. Hopefully today they will find a way to get him to Rehoboth.
We are still praying for staffing of the clinic (in particular a doctor and dentist) so it can operate on a permanent basis. If you know anyone or would like to volunteer yourself, read more below and contact Ken.

Kick off today !! Continues this week. September 21-27, 2014 Work One Day for Rehoboth Children's Home Participate in our annual fundraiser for Rehoboth. Sign up to 'Work One Day for RCH' by setting aside one days'wage for Rehoboth. Can you spare 1 day's wage?

There are resources on our website to promote this fundraiser in your workplace or church. 

Lastly, a little gem from one of our munchkins Cedric. Recently Sarah (our volunteer full time worker from Australia) took Cedric to Tanay to get his passport photo taken. It was an exciting outing and Sarah treated him to lunch at Jolibee. (if you have not visited the Philippines, Jolilbee is like McDonalds) If you ever needed proof that kids are kids.. here it is. Click here or on the photo to see the video.

Thanks for keeping up with everything Rehoboth !

Please keep us in your prayers

Family Photo books

When the children receive their family photo book, it is a very exciting time. This book is given to the children after they have been matched and accepted by an adoptive family. It means that soon they will go to their forever family.

Each child receives a book of photos of their new family. They also have a photo of their new parents (and siblings if they now have them) on the wall next to their bed - so as they fall asleep at night they can see their new forever family. A family photo book contains just that - photos of their forever family. Parents, siblings, grandparents and often extended family, maybe the pet dog or cat, and sometimes a picture of their new house, 
a local park and close friends of their forever family. People they are likely to encounter when they arrive at their new home.

At Rehoboth, every day from the time a child receives their book, to the day they are picked up, one of the care givers sits with the child to help them learn the names of their family members and familiarize them with what their family looks like and where they will live. It doesn't take much though for these excited little ones to run up to anyone and everyone who comes through the gate at Rehoboth to show them their forever family - or even for them to randomly bring a caregiver the book to look through. These photos are also hugged and kissed so many times and are kept more precious than the best toy in the toy cupboard.

The light in the eyes of these little ones when a forever family becomes a reality is difficult to describe - but it is truly beautiful. They wriggle with delight as they sit on a lap and pore through the pages in anticipation.
Time to celebrate !

Work One Day for Rehoboth Children's Home

September 21 - 27, 2014

Could you set aside one day's wages for Rehoboth? 
or consider getting your friends, colleagues or workplace involved ?

Just one to to make a huge difference in the lives of these children. Providing the resources Rehoboth needs to operate day to day.

For more information please visit our website


Visit from Josette

Josette is a wonderful regular visitor to Rehoboth who has been teaching some of our older children how to knit.

This has now extended in to the local community. A group of local ladies were welcomed in to Fe and Ken's house for a knitting lesson. Some of the Rehoboth children who
 had learned from Josette on her last visit, came alongside and helped these local ladies to learn.

Thank you Josette for all you give to Rehoboth and beyond.

Birthday Photos

Cedric, PJ and Rona's Birthday !


Wendy's birthday

Jomari's Birthday

Medical clinic - Volunteering Opportunity

We are looking for 1, 2 or 3 doctors, a dentist and dental technician to volunteer on an extended basis in the clinic. It would be preferable to have local Filipino volunteers, as the paperwork process for foreigners can be cumbersome and involved. But, if you are a foreigner and happy to dive in to the paperwork and willing to volunteer, Rehoboth would love to have you !  With Rehoboth's financial issues, we have no resources to give an allowance, but we have a few designated donations that would pay for some support staff and medicine/supplies for a while. What we can offer is lodging on-site.
Any kind of health service that we could provide regularly would be enough to get the medical clinic wheels turning faster and begin to establish its roots in the community.

For more information please contact Ken:

If you are interested in volunteering in another capacity, please contact Sarah: or visit our website for more infomation
Thank you to our Korean Volunteers!

In June we had a visit from Zhongshi Korean International School (China).

So much fun was had with these students who served so faithfully.

Thank you for your visit and please come again soon !

Volunteer Opportunities !

Rehoboth is looking for some assistance in the following areas
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Newsletters (can be done from your home)
  • Fundraising (can be done from your home)
Do you have skills in this area, a heart for RSM, a little time and willing hands to help? Please pray about the possibility and contact us for more information.

Rehoboth Partnerships - can you help?

At the moment Rehoboth is looking to establish new partnerships with churches, schools, individuals and community groups so it can continue this important ministry. If you are interested or you think your church, school or community group might be interested in assisting Rehoboth, please contact us by emailing Elisa at

Please Pray for...

  • Christian and Rogie - the newest additions to Rehoboth - who have been transferred from the Mayon volcano area. Thank God they are matched and waiting for parents. Pray for quick settling at Rehoboth and speedy pick up.
  • The new adoptive families that have recently picked up their children from Rehoboth.
  • Wisdom for our social workers and ICAB staff in working together for the best outcomes for Rehoboth children.
  • safetly and protection in the typhoon season for Rehoboth, the staff and the wider Sampaloc community. The families who have been afftected by the flooding in Manila.
  • the volunteers who have visited and will soon visit Rehoboth. Thanking God for their servant hearts and willingness to give their time, energy and talents.
  • Staffing for the medical clinic so RSM can serve the wider community in this important way.
  • Rehoboth Staff - that they will know and always be reminded of the vital work they undertake every day
  • continued finances to keep Rehoboth running.
  • the Board and leadership - that they will remain focused on allowing God to provide and following His direction.
  • a Human Resources and Communications volunteer
  • the Work One Day for RCH fundraiser.

Ways you can help...

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