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Hi there,
I hope this finds you well. How are you doing in the current world order?

Working from home, I expected more time for creative endeavors. Instead, I feel like I'm always on the job closed up in my office and it's exhausting.

I've come to appreciate video conferences and the space they provide to interact with peers. I'd also appreciate not having to do another one for a month or so.

In an attempt to strike a balance, my goal this week is to emulate Tim Ferris and make before I manage.

Each morning, before I jump into plugging holes, fixing things, calling vets, answering text messages, delegating things, or yanking out dead raccoons, this mantra was a reminder to make something. Even the most time-sensitive items can usually wait 60 minutes, and by make something, I mean anything.

The psychological difference between zero acts of creation and one act of creation, no matter how small, is impossible to overstate.

We all spend time on the struggle bus. At the very least, this has helped me to find a better seat when it’s my turn.

Any other passengers on the bus?

A former boss used to offer a similar choice: when the bus is coming, we can stand out front or we can take the wheel and drive.

Just ask my wife, I'd rather drive.

My goal to finish one of the half-dozen articles in various states of incomplete and update my blog. Worse case, throw some words on a page. As Tim said, anything.

What steps are you taking to keep motivated?
Tool Worth Sharing:

How many tabs are currently open in your browser? 

For me, never less than five. I fear losing these I leave them open for days, weeks...and, sometimes, longer. Fighting a losing battle against Amazon and finding the missing pieces for my office, I needed a hero.

I started using One Tab. It's a free browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. Super low friction, one click, and all tabs are saved as links to a single tab. A click on the link re-opens the tab and the link vanishes off the list of saved tabs to keep things orderly. I love it.
Quote of the Week:

"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming."
– Paulo Coelho
Until next week, God bless -- stay safe, sane, and intentional.

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