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Hi there,
Exciting news! Tiffany and I were married on Saturday! It was an adventure, but I didn't want to rush it's telling. Check back next week!

We are history. It's to us and all around us.

Someday, they'll wonder.

They’ll read about the history: the choices we made; the hardship we faced; the strength we showed as good people suffered. They’ll learn the numbers. They’ll watch the news clips. They’ll recognize timeless pictures yet to be taken — our Dust Bowl mother, our troops at Iowa Jima.

-Will Mannon, "Life in the Time of Corona."

Usually, it isn't until years afterward that we realize the significance of the moments in our lives. Today, we're living them.

Take it all in. Write it down. Remember what happened here.

Our world is never going to be the same. 

The revolutions in work and learning are officially underway. Gone also is our sense of invincibility. As individuals and a society, we find ourselves suddenly vulnerable. 

Reading "Peter Thiel's Religion," by David Perell, the best article I've read this year, perhaps we should've seen this coming.

Peter Thiel, a co-founder of Paypal and futurist, said, "Modern presidents no longer inspire Americans with positive visions of the future. The visions of the past weren’t just ambitious. They were clear and specific. Unfortunately, there is no modern equivalent of the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Project, or Nixon’s 1974 plan to defeat cancer by the end of the decade."

When's the last time we were inspired as a society? Not only did we dream, but we won?

Human potential is amazing. Patrick Collison provides a long list of examples of what can be done in a short amount of time.
  • The Alaska Highway. Starting in 1942, 1,700 miles of military roadway were built over the course of 234 days, connecting eastern British Columbia with Fairbanks, Alaska. Source: The Alaska Highway.
  • Apollo 8. On August 9, 1968, NASA decided that Apollo 8 should go to the moon. It launched on December 21, 1968, 134 days later. Source: Apollo Spacecraft Chronology.
  • The New York Subway. The first contract was awarded on February 21, 1900. 28 stations opened and general operation commenced on October 27, 1904, 4.7 years later. In April 2000, the MTA decided to build the Second Avenue Subway. The first phase, with 3 stations, opened on January 1, 2017. Source: The New York Times.
As that last example demonstrates, though, there are stark differences with the rise of the modern era.

In the same article above, David Perell quotes Pastor Tim Keller.

"Humans are future-oriented beings. If we don’t have a positive vision for our future, we become slaves to the desires of the present day and crumble under the suffering of daily life."

The last few years, months, weeks, and even days, have been some of the craziest of my life. I feel like I say that each week, but it rings true each time.

With my marriage on Saturday, I made a commitment to Tiffany and a vision of the future I was going to serve and make better. 

When we're telling your war stories to our grandchildren, what is your story going to be?

We are history. Act now.

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Eric Weinstein does a nearly three-hour interview with Peter Thiel titled "An Era of Stagnation & Universal Institutional Failure."

It's brain food worth a few hours of your time.

Quote of the Week:

"So the day became one of waiting, which was, he knew, a sin: moments were to be experienced; waiting was a sin against both the time that was still to come, and against the moments one was currently disregarding."

- Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere
Until next week, God bless -- stay safe, sane, and intentional.

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