April 30, 2022 I 29th Ramadan, 1443

اَلسَّلاَ مُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

Assalamu Alaykumu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.

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We are nearing the end of this blessed month. The Masjids have all been very active and full with brotherhood, sisterhood and unity. Our volunteers worked tirelessly to keep the masjids clean, bring order to parking, managing the flow of traffic, iftars, tarawih and more. Jazak Allah khayrun for the community for your generous donations, support and understanding. Together we are stronger as a community.

Eid ul Fitr Prayer locations and timings

Eid moonsighting will be announced after Maghrib today. Please wait for the announcement before calling the masjid.

BCMA 2022 Zakat al Fitr distribution

On the last Jumuah for Ramadan, Zakat Al-Fitr food distribution for over 250 families was held between 10am to 12:30pm. The coordination and distribution was a joint effort by BCMA masajids namely, Richmond Jamia Masjid, Surrey Jamia Masjid and Masjid Al-Rahmah. Food items included: Rice, flour, oil, meat, and salt, can milk, tuna, chickpeas and other basic food items. A total amount of $35,000.00 worth of goods were distributed today.

Thank you to Br. Asad Gondal, BCMA President and the Surrey Masjid directors and volunteers for coordinating for this noble cause to ensure the food is distributed before Eid. Alhumdolillah.

Tarawih salah April 29 (Completion of Quran. Imam Yahya Momla)

Taraweeh Salah - April 29 [Completion of Quran]

Social Services - VP Mehmoona Ali

In celebration of the Holy month of Ramadan and our Eid Celebrations, the Social Services Team of the BCMA was able to gift prayer mats to various local high schools for the use by students and staff alike. Alhamdulillah.

Assisting in facilitating someone's prayer space is a goal of the Social Services Team and this is the first step towards that goal. We hope to bring awareness to our local schools that a quiet space would be appreciated for staff and students of all faith groups to offer prayers and/or just to have a safe and quiet place for respite.

May Allah accept the efforts of the BCMA Social Services Team.

In this blessed month of Ramadan, our BCMA Social Services Team has reached out and made a donation to the Surrey Hospitals Foundation in support of the children’s health care. A cheque of $2500.00 was presented by the VP of Social Services, Sr. Mehmoona Ali on behalf of the BC Muslim Association.

The Surrey Hospitals Foundation presented her with the 2022 Community Champion Achiever Certificate.

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Youth Soccer Skills

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New Jumuah Satellite Locations

This is the book about which there is no doubt, A guidance for those conscious of Allah. (Al Quran 2:2)


The BC Muslim Association (BCMA) is the largest Muslim organization in British Columbia. We are a 55-year-old organization with 17 branches across the province and 4,500+ members. We provide religious and community services to the 100,000+ Sunni Muslims in B.C. This includes cradle to the grave cultural and religious support, as well as humanitarian and cultural/diversity programs for the public.