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Greetings from Kappa Chi!

Welcome to the Second Edition of the KX Chronicle

A bit later than we had hoped, the Newsletter is finally ready to ship! For this edition, a bit of information about the most recent Homecoming, some chapter news, and a few updates. Our hope is to grace your inbox with the Newsletter at least a couple of times per year. Contributing to this edition are such luminaries as Eminent Commander Sammy Hobgood (KX 600), Alumni Chairman, Dominic Travis (KX 637), and Jairy Hunter (KX 37).

Feedback from the first newsletter was so positive, we felt emboldened to press on and keep up the effort (only 2 people unsubscribed!). We plan to have new content with each newsletter, focusing alternately on Chapter happenings and Alumni news. For this to be successful, we your submissions: news about yourself and your family--what you're up to--and a pic or two. Job changes, family additions, marriages, wins, or just say "Hey, Dudes!"  

Also, Brothers, as the network and numbers of initiates and graduates continue to grow, consider joining us on social platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn. Ultimately we'd like to consider creating a database of Brothers (who want to be included) classified by professions, disciplines, areas of expertise, and location; basically anything that might be useful for professional or social interests. I have run into a few Brothers in my own city, at my own academic facility--both students and faculty--that I should have known about. That was kind of embarrassing! 
Our email contact list is in serious need of updating. If you know of someone who hasn't received the newsletter--feel free to forward it on to him, but by all means, have them send their correct information. We want to include everyone who wants to hear from us. 
Finally, be sure to check out the list of graduates and their chosen paths and locations. If you feel so inclined, I'm sure they'd appreciate a familiar name reaching out to provide networking opportunities, advice, or just extend the hand of friendship!
Jairy Hunter (KX 37)
Recorder Emeritus
Stay Connected!
We would love hear more from our alumni. Below are some of the different ways to get connected to the active chapter. Provided is the Alumni Relations Chairmen's email as well. We love receiving news of weddings, graduations, birth of children, important anniversaries, accomplishments and everything in between. Please keep us updated, and don't hesitate to contact us about anything else!
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A Message From the Commander

Brothers of the Kappa Chi Chapter,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you at the end of the fall semester in the 2015-2016 academic year. It has been a fantastic time for our brotherhood, filled with many lasting memories and numerous opportunities for growth. I am very pleased to write to you all as the newest commander of the Kappa Chi chapter of Sigma Nu. We recently elected a new Executive Council that is ready to take on new challenges and continue the excellent work of our past Executive Council. The past commander, lieutenant commander, treasurer, and recorder worked closely together in order to make a huge impact on this chapter and on Furrman’s campus as a whole. They embody the tenants of Love, Truth, and Honor and they have left lasing legacies on this chapter. Their hard work has set this chapter up for many wonderful opportunities. The newly elected executive council and I will continue their precedent of relentless hard work as we strive to become a Rock Chapter in the near future.
I am also pleased to announce that we have 3 new initiates and will end the fall semester of 2015 with 53 active members. Our active members continue to be incredibly involved and do excellent things on Furman’s campus. We are proud to have numerous scholarship recipients, a host of Furman Ambassadors, the IFC vice president of public relations, the IFC vice president of philanthropy, multiple Resident Assistants, and many members on the club soccer, rugby, basketball and baseball teams as active brothers. In addition we have two seniors and two sophomore members of the ROTC program. This is only a small handful of examples of our tremendous on-campus involvement that has become a large part of our chapter as we continue to develop well rounded-young men.

The Kappa Chi Chapter is continually working to achieve greatness and to excel in everything that we do with a high sense of honor. We wish you the best during this holiday season and hope to connect with you if you ever find yourself in Greenville.

Coleman Bramlett
Commander, KX 619

Facts about Kappa Chi Chapter: 

Year of Charter: 1986 (March 22)
Brothers Initiated at Charter (1986): 27 Brothers, 11 Pledges
First Pledge Class (Winter Term, 1986): 5
First Freshman Pledge Class (Spring, '86): 11 
Current Initiates: 656
Executive Council 2015
Eminent Commander: Coleman Bramlett (KX 619)
Lt. Commander: Robby Schmidt (KX 624)
Treasurer: Adam Miller (KX 618)
Recorder: Daniel Reese (KX 639)
     Service and Philanthropy Update
As a sophomore, I have enjoyed my first semester as the Kappa Chi Chapter’s Service and Philanthropy Chair, and have sought to expand the prevalence of service and philanthropy within our chapter.  So far we have participated in and hosted multiple successful events.  During the last week of October, we hosted numerous events as a part of our “Sigma Boo Week,” benefiting the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. We more than doubled outside participation in our flag football tournament compared to last year and had a very successful brother auction. Shortly after Sigma Boo Week, we co-hosted another philanthropy event, the inaugural “Star Spangled Swing,” with Delta Gamma and the Furman Swing and Shag Club benefiting Habitat for Humanity and Joining Forces.  We were pleased with the turnout of over one hundred, not including brothers or members of the organizations that co-hosted. 

To establish regular opportunities for community service within the chapter, we have begun to implement monthly service days on Friday afternoons.  On our first service day, brothers volunteered at Harvest Hope, a food bank, and helped quality control by sorting through donations.
Finally, in order to make the chapter’s contributions toward service and philanthropy more efficient, an amendment has been introduced to create a Service and Philanthropy Committee, which would include the Service and Philanthropy Chair and three committee members responsible for internal philanthropy, external philanthropy, and community service, respectively!

Tucker Smith 
Kappa Chi 633
Philanthropy and Service Chair

Homecoming Update

October 23-25, 2015
To put it plainly, if you weren't able to attend Homecoming this year, we felt sorry for you. It was a blast, with the golf tournament on Friday afternoon, attended by quite a few Alums and friends. Ringers (and I use that term loosely) and hack (and I use that term liberally) reminisced, shared their favorite Keen stories, and enjoyed each others' company. I have no idea who won, and I suspect it doesn't matter since we all know it's a basically a contest in creative cheating anyway. Seriously though, thanks to all those who donated to scholarship effort with your time, hole sponsorships, prizes (Stan Grissinger, KX 14 ), and positive energy.  Saturday saw a postcard-perfect Greenville Fall day and terrific tailgate on the mall, where we again shared with families and friends. I have to say that I was impressed with the Actives who I had the opportunity to meet, and hopefully didn't bore them with tales of yore.
Because no newsletter is complete without a gratuitous Shelly Sutton (KX 2) reference, I gotta tell you he had my kids' rapt attention regaling them with a story about throwing his alarm clock off the Bell Tower on his last day of classes in 1987.
It's always a little bittersweet, going back. The campus has changed so much, but being there always evokes a pleasant nostalgia for idyllic times in an idyllic setting. I always wonder if I appreciated it enough. But if there were pangs of sadness for times gone by, they were certainly tempered by getting close again to those Brothers and their families whose bonds won't be broken by distance or circumstance. It's cliche to say it's like we hadn't been apart, but it really is like that--when you call out a long-forgotten nickname, or see that same walk, hear that same old accent. Honestly, to see my kids playing with other guys' children of all ages, well it was just an immeasurable joy. Surreal, to be sure, but I was really proud of the men, fathers, leaders, my friends have become. I still remembered specific things we did right there, or certain things we said, jokes we played, or even times we cried together. It's those kinds of experiences that make the Brotherhood worth being a part of.
We truly hope you'll make plans to attend next year, scheduled for November 4-6, 2016, which will be reunion years for classes ending in '1 and '6. Better get your schedule requests in and make those reservations for Gvegas hotels now! 

Jairy Hunter

Homecoming Images 2015

The 4th annual Chris Keen Memorial Golf Tournament begins!
Recent Eminent Commander Sammy Hobgood (KX 600) and Wriston Marshburn (KX 35) exchange stories during the Chris Keen Memorial Golf Tournament
Yes, there is now beer service at the Furman Golf Course. I know, right?!
George Haddad (KX 67), Bud Darby (KX 23), and Danny Grover (KX 60) looking for a ringer just before the golf tournament. 
Active Brother Joey White (KX 605) passes out drinks during the tournament!
Shelly Sutton (KX 3) sharing some stories!
Recent alumni catching up on the mall at the Sigma Nu Tailgate!
Active brother Mciver Prickett (KX 607) poses with Sweetheart Kelsey Hilsner (Kappa Delta Sorrority) after winning Furman's 2015 Homecoming King.
More images can be found on our Facebook page.
Mark Your Calendar Now!

Homecoming 2016
November 4-6, 2016
Greenville, SC

This is Reunion Year for Class Years ending in '1 and '6. 
Plans are still in the works, but we anticipate The 5th Annual Chris Keen Memorial Golf Tournament will be Friday afternoon, November 4, 2016, at the Furman Golf Course, and a tailgate Saturday Morning. We are also planning additional events to bring Actives and Alumni together.  More information will be forthcoming. If you don't receive an invitation in your snail mail, make sure the Development Office has your contact information.

A Message From Alumni Relations

There has been a Lee Clapp sighting! From left to right: Dominic Travis (KX 637) Lee Clapp (KX 51) Danny Grover (KX 60) Matt Marron (KX 54) and Bobby Stonecipher (KX 643)
It is an exciting time in the world of alumni relations. The active chapter has worked hard to revamp alumni relations through a few key changes. We’ve created a standing Alumni Relations Committee, consisting of an elected Alumni Relations Chair and Co-Chair, a member of the Executive Council, and two other active brothers. This committee is responsible for contributing to the newsletters, assisting in maintaining a database of graduated alumni, as well as to work toward the creation of alumni events.
Furthermore we have increased funding for alumni relations within the chapter, in order to help this committee to achieve these goals! Bobby Stonecipher (KX 643) and I are co-chairs of the Alumni Relations Committee, and we had the pleasure of meeting and talking to many brothers from the past at both tailgates during homecoming. With an increase funding we hope to be able to expand on events such as Homecoming, and create new events in the future.
In addition, with significant assistance from former Recorder Jairy Hunter (KX 37), the active chapter has worked with the National Office to create an Alumni Advisory Board. The Board has already received significant support from many graduated brothers from all generations. This Committee will offer active alumni a way to provide insight and feedback directly into operations of the chapter.  It will also allow alumni to have direct input into future alumni events, as well as future newsletters.

We look forward to building on existing relationships and reaching out to meet more alumni.If you have any interest in assisting with the upcoming Alumni Advisory Board, or have any questions at all about the active chapter, happenings in alumni relations, or anything at all, please feel free to contact the active chapter or me. I look forward to the future, and hope you will help us as we grow our alumni-active chapter relationship
Dominic Travis KX 637
Alumni Relations Chair

Chris Keen Memorial Scholarship Update

At last tally, over $230,000 of the $250,000 goal has been raised for the scholarship fund. Recipients of the scholarship must be a Furman legacy—defined as having a parent or grandparent who attended Furman, and must have demonstrated financial need. The first recipient, Adam Granger '16, is from Athens, GA, and has received the award every year for the four years it has been offered. Adam’s family has a long-standing connection to Furman through his parents and grandmother, who are alumni.
Chris Keen was a member of the men’s basketball team, Sigma Nu fraternity and the Class of 1987. He was a friend to many and loved Furman. After Chris passed, we wanted to create a permanent legacy to honor a special person, and our common ties with Furman led us to establish the Chris Keen ’87 Endowed Scholarship Fund.
Thanks to brothers Shelly Sutton, KX 3 ('87), John Williams, KX 19 ('88), Keith Robelen KX 30 ('89), and Jeff Powell, KX 40 ('89) for spearheading this effort. Contact Shon Herrick with the Furman Development Office. 

Alumni News

We need more entires featuring your beautiful faces and news of your accomplishments. Be sure to send your news and pictures so your brothers can keep up with you and your family! You can contact Hunter through Facebook or email

In Memorium

It was brought to our attention that David Ashburn, KX 129, FU '93, was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2007 at age 35. He was weeks away from completing his Cardiothoracic Fellowship and was set to begin a Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery. He was en route to harvest organs for transplantation when a Survival Flight from Milwaukee, Wisconsin crashed into Lake Michigan, killing all six members of his team. Information here, and a touching tribute here. If anyone feels comfortable sharing a photograph or a tribute for the next newsletter, please let us know.

Thank you to the following brothers, who generously contributed to the completion of this newsletter.

Jairy Hunter KX 37  
Dominic Travis KX 637 
Sammy Hobgood KX 600
Coleman Bramlett KX 619
Tucker Smith KX 633
Robby Schmidt KX 624
Nate Beohm KX 635
Jake Saine KX 603
Bobby Stonecipher KX 643
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