WOW!!! Thanks to Beth Nochomovitz & Jim O'Brien, all students now have permission to light your Menorahs at the dining halls!! Spread the light, and show Jewish pride! 

The Menorah must be lit after sundown (5 PM), and in the place that you LIVE. If you cannot do it in your dorm or fraternity house, the dining hall is the second best option, as it is considered part of where you live. 

After hearing so many students concerned with lighting a fire in their suites, we reached out and asked if it could be done in the dining halls.

Look out for a Chanukah table with Menorahs, chocolate gelt and instructions at Leutner and Fribley! 

If you don't see one, that is a sign that YOU should be the first!! Bring your Menorah and kindle the lights before dinner, and enjoy their flickering while you eat.

And if you take a selfie with the lit Menorah and tag #lightforpeace, $2 will be donated to an army base in Israel and you enter a raffle ticket for a trip to Israel!

Happy Chanukah!!!

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