Dear <<First Name>>,

This week we'll be celebrating Tu B'shvat - the New Year for Trees (see below).

RSVP right here and join us for Shabbat dinner to (enjoy a delicious, four-course, home-cooked meal, amazing company, thought provoking discussions... oh, and to) take the fruit personality test in honor of the holiday to find out if you are a grape, melon, banana or orange!

Actually, this new year for trees we celebrate is originally really a tax season cutoff date, when you must start using the new crop to pay the Jewish taxes.

Did you know that there are 67 (!!) - almost 10% of all biblical commandments are regarding these 'Jewish taxes'? And did you know that not one penny of these taxes went to the government? 

So what are they and what function did they have? They were primarily religious obligations, ensuring that the farmer remembers that all of his/her financial success is thanks to blessings from the One Above. One percentage was enjoyed by you - in Jerusalem at the Temple - for that exact purpose. Another percentage was distributed to a Kohen and Levi of your choice - the priests and spiritual leaders (who owned no land). And another percentage to the poor. 

We all have gifts! We all have our 'trees' which bear 'fruit'. Let us remember and thank the One Above where those gifts came from, and make sure to share them with others as well.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Mendy & Sara Alevsky

Upcoming events:


  • Shabbat at Chabad
    Friday, Jan. 22, 7:00 PM at our home. Exact directions here. RSVP on Facebook or by replying to this email.
  • Sinai Scholars starts on Jan. 31. Only a few spots left to join the Sinai Scholars Society! Apply by Tuesday. 
    Apply now at Search for CWRU.
  • Girl's Night Out - PaintNite! Led by an amazing artist.
    Sunday, Jan. 24, 7:00 - 9:00 PM. At Chabad.
    Unleash your inner artist, sip sparkling grape juice and enjoy a dried fruit chocolate fondue as we honor Tu B'shvat - The New Year for Trees! 

    Email Sara to RSVP. by tonight!  Few more spots left.

Looking Ahead:
  • Freshmen Fondue
  • Annual Chabad Ski Trip
  • Cafe Chabad
  • Volunteering Services
  • Shabbat 100