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Will you be in town this Sunday? Well actually we won't be.. That means no Shabbat dinner or any holiday meals. Yes holiday meals. This Sunday and Monday are a major, but often unknown and under celebrated Jewish holiday. It's called Shavout!

The big day is the anniversary of the Jewish experience at Sinai 3327 years ago. The day we really entered into a relationship with G-d. A day of privilege, a day of responsibility and a day to rejoice in the gift of the Jewish Torah and tradition.

So although we wont be there to celebrate with you, and most of you are out of town anyway, check out this link and find one of our friends at a Chabad center near you! Best time to go is Sunday when the 10 Commandments are read from the Torah scroll in public

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Wishing you warmest regards and a very happy holiday!

Rabbi Mendy and Sara Alevsky