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Imagine a world where communication is consistently effective, where misunderstandings are easily resolved and conversation is productive...

Amazingly, I don't believe you need mood altering substances to achieve this state! Just keep reading...
Happy Partnering!

How to Stay Partner in Email

In the coming months we will introduce you to a series of great tips and tricks to help integrate the Partner Mindset and behaviors* into all aspects of daily life. The intention is that this approach becomes your automatic response in any challenging situation!

A common question I get in many of my trainings is: “Amy these skills are great for face2face communication, how do I apply them in email?”
Whether it’s emailing, texting, blogging, chatting or instant messaging – electronic communication (EC) has become the new norm across all aspects of our daily lives.
Traditional communication (you remember when we used to actually make eye contact with each other) is already a challenge to do effectively and send the intended message.
With this newest form of communication (EC), the challenge is multiplied, because 2 of the 3 elements of communication (body language and voice) are eliminated.  This increases the chances of miscommunication significantly!
While we’re at it, let's add a few other communication blocks like dangerous distractions, (anyone guilty of texting while driving??) or sending an impulsive email response, laced with sarcasm, to a much deserved idiot?  As they say it’s a recipe for disaster!
One of my favorite miscommunications was an email exchange I had with my sister Sheila who had been living in Singapore. I'd heard Singapore was a great place to buy electronics so I considered buying a computer beamer (overhead projector) while on a trip there a few years ago.
I sent Sheila an email that said, “Hey Shel, do you think buying a beamer would be expensive in Singapore?” She wrote back and said, “Hey Amy, since Singapore is an island, they have really strong restrictions and high taxes on car imports so I think a BMW would be extremely expensive.”
Here is a person I have known my entire life, with whom I shared the same cultural upbringing and she interpreted the word 'beamer' to mean a BMW! (On another note, I'm still astounded by her open-minded attitude of not telling me I was crazy for wanting to ship a car from Singapore to Switzerland!)
In order to maximize the receiver getting the message you intended, here are some useful guidelines for communication in email:
Make the layout of your communication easy to follow:
  • Give a brief overview
  • Use bullet points or lists where appropriate to give/ask for information
  • Write in short sentences
  • Keep your paragraphs concise
  • Finish with a list of action items, if a response is required
It’s also a good idea to maximize your likeability within email communication - not many people respond well to just a robotic list of questions and action points...
  • Start with ‘Hi’ vs. ‘Hello'
  • Use an informal tone
  • Use contractions (I’m instead of I am, we’ve instead of we have)
  • Personalize your greeting and signature
  • Include your contact information 
And when you're in an email exchange that may feel delicate or heated, be sure to avoid the following:
  • The word 'but' (for more on this see newsletter 4)
  • Sarcastic tone (did you REALLY think that was a good idea??)
Now I’m not suggesting that you email the Queen of England and call her Lizzie, though as electronic communication is here to stay, with face 2 face and telephone conversations becoming less common, it’s worth injecting some friendly tone and Partner skills into our emails - it might even get those emails read before getting lost in the dreaded “Inbox-black-hole".
Happy Partnering!
This Month's Success Story:

Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using these techniques. 

Remember, if you share your success with us and it appears in our newsletter you'll receive a free 30 minute coaching session with Amy worth 250 Euro.

Here's this month's success story…

It was an outstanding experience to attend your course!
You have taught us many practical lessons which we are practicing on a daily basis already, not without a smile of course :))
Marcel Chiappori
Director New Business & Partnership Marketing
Salt Communcations SA
If you would like to find out more about how power dynamics can damage your business' results and how to enhance your team or company's performance, please contact Amy.
* The Predator Prey or Partner™ model is licensed content created by Pat Kirkland of Pat Kirkland Leadership Inc. Founded in 1990, PKL ( is a company with a purpose, the "soul" purpose of creating a world that works together better.  Its business mission is to offer practical, powerful communication programs teaching people how to transform their work relationships by changing how they communicate.
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