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Imagine a world where communication is consistently effective, where misunderstandings are easily resolved and conversation is productive...

Amazingly, I don't believe you need mood altering substances to achieve this state! Just keep reading...

Happy Partnering!

The Serious Nature of a Smile

This is the next instalment in our series of great tips and tricks to help integrate the Partner Mindset and behaviors* into all aspects of daily life. The intention is that this approach becomes your automatic response in any challenging situation!
I used to think that a smile was just a nice thing to have, a bonus to brighten someone else's day. I've since realised that a smile not only makes you appear more approachable, it communicates to the other person, "today you're safe, today you won't die. I can't promise tomorrow, today you're good!".
Note to women who have been told to "smile" by dozens of men (sometimes complete strangers) over the course of your lifetime, you might have a negative reaction to this article. Take it with a grain of salt, you may still find the following content useful. (Actually, if you are a women who has never had this experience, consider yourself unique.)

Recently I've begun watching a TV series from 2009 called Lie to Me, starring Tim Roth. Roth plays an eccentric, sometimes Predator-like, professional deception expert. His character is based on the real life psychologist Paul Ekman, who is famous for his study on emotions and facial expressions.

Aside from my 'unprofessional' infatuation with Roth, I've managed to convince myself that binge-watching these episodes is necessary for my professional development. As a result, I better understand the serious nature of a smile, and I drive this point home when coaching my clients. A smile can have a significant impact across a range of interactions, whether it's a first encounter, negotiation, or another delicate situation. Because it's contagious, a smile can trigger a positive physiological response in those around you.

What I've discovered in my 16+ years of coaching is that most people don't smile enough, and worse yet, they think they're smiling when they're not. Every once in a while, I meet a person who is an excessive smiler. This can be a result of extreme nervousness (one time it was an overly high dosage of caffeine!). In the case of the excessive smiler, I encourage them to relax their face more. With everyone else I encourage them to do the "I've got a secret" smile. Lips together with the corners of the mouth turned up slightly, and a soft wrinkling around the eyes. (Note: lips together looks friendly, not flirty.)

If you imagine something positive or funny, you will be able to do this easily with your face.

Warning for people who have any of the following attributes!
  • Mr Clean look
  • Facial hair          
  • Glasses, particularly with dark frames
A smile is critical because any combination of these attributes can make you look overly serious or even downright scary!!

My challenge to you is to practice your "secret smile" walking down the hallway/street, making eye contact with people you encounter, and see what you notice. It may surprise you how positively they react.

Happy Partnering!

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This Month's Success Story:

Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using these techniques.

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Here's this month's success story...


I've found that looking at every interaction as a chance to practice partnering makes me place more value on the other person. Interactions that I previously saw as "throw aways" are now partnerships, so the other person is elevated to partner status.

All best, Tiffany
If you would like to find out more about how power dynamics can damage your business' results and how to enhance your team or company's performance, please contact Amy.
* The Predator Prey or Partner™ model is licensed content created by Pat Kirkland of Pat Kirkland Leadership Inc. Founded in 1990, PKL ( is a company with a purpose, the "soul" purpose of creating a world that works together better. Its business mission is to offer practical, powerful communication programs teaching people how to transform their work relationships by changing how they communicate.
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