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The Power of Active Listening
One of the most important skills I teach in my courses is the power of Active Listening.

Aside from the benefits of building connection and rapport with the others, when done well Active Listening will allow you to positively interrupt the speaker and reduce your frustration if they are monopolizing, derailing or are emotionally upset.

The 4 step approach:
Step 1: Non-verbal signals: nodding, eye contact and verbal acknowledgements: ahuh, ya, I see, ok, got it (over their words).
Step 2: Interrupting by: saying their name with a downward inflection then pause. When done effectively the speaker will stop for 1 second, so be ready to jump in and move to the next step.
Step 3: Summarize what you heard them say: “If I understood… is that correct?”
Step 4: Finally redirect with a question or suggestion.

The key to success:
I don’t know about you, often in conversations I’m so busy thinking about what I want to say in response that I’m not always fully listening to the other person. By making myself summarize what the other has said, it forces me to listen more carefully. I see the other person calm down quicker and often become more open to my point of view!
When to summarize:
  • When you need to buy time
  • When you want to interrupt effectively (and only interrupt if there is a reason e.g. time pressure, want to clarify what you heard)
  • When you are about to disagree or give bad news
  • When you want to build rapport
And for a bit of inspiration, here is a link to a short video with Kevin Sharer, CEO of Amgen, about how learning to listen actively has made him a much more successful leader:

Happy Partnering!
This Month's Success Story:

Actions speak louder than words, and we just love sharing the successes that our clients get by using the Predator, Prey, Partner techniques. 

Remember, if you share your success with us and it appears in our newsletter you'll receive a free hour of coaching with Amy worth 450 Euro.

Recent client success story…

Dear Amy,
It rarely happens these days that a training session becomes so engaging - it is not easy to surprise us (and our egos!) You are a brilliant coach and lecturer indeed!
My team gave me those strange looks this afternoon when I jumped into the office and started telling the content of our training session with a noticeable excitement. They don't know yet what they'll find out during coming few days! Some of them have already read your book. We will continue having fun in the office with removing "buts", installing pauses, "thank you" instead of "sorry", gestures and voice volume.
As from my perspective, as a speaker, I was absolutely delighted to having been coached by you - I am a tiny bit wiser now and have more tools in my toolbox to use when I am on the stage next time. Yes, you were right by saying that it's going to be painful for us to actually notice mistakes in other lecturers’ behavior on stage. It’s true!
Thank you for your effortless ability to create a wonderful atmosphere within the team and inspire all of us!
Sincerely Yours,
Giedre Geciauskiene
Head of Markets Lithuania, Danske bank A/S Lithuania branch
If you would like to find out more about how power dynamics can damage your business' results and how to enhance your team or company's performance, please contact Amy.
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