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In this book, Katherine Smith offers an insightful analysis of evidence-based policy, providing an interesting typology with which to deepen our exploration of the relationship between research and policy. Lee Gregory finds it a rare book which captures the reader, inviting self-reflection upon how one can engage with research either as an academic, an advocate, or policymaker, and their own research.

Beyond Evidence-Based Policy in Public Health: The Interplay of Ideas. Katherine Smith. Palgrave Macmillan. October 2013.
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The advocacy of evidence-based policy (EBP) has grown in prominence for more than a decade, whilst attention to health inequalities in the UK has intensified somewhat since the publication of The Spirit Level. In this book Katherine Smith explores the relationship between the two, not only providing an interesting exploration of the role of EBP within public health, but also insight in the plight of the contemporary academic in a world of research impact.