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Mobile health apps are becoming more capable and potentially rather usefulAs health apps become more popular, concerns about how patients’ data are stored, used and shared will become more pointed. A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that many health apps may be sharing patients’ health data without their knowledge. Four-fifths of 211 diabetes apps it examined did not have privacy policies.
America’s rules on the storage and transmission of personal-health data have not been changed since the advent of the iPhone. So doctors and hospitals may be reluctant to embrace health apps until the rules are updated to make it clear they can do so without breaching the stringent standards on data security. And conscientious providers and prescribers of m-health apps risk being tarred by association with any data-misusing rogues that emerge.
The fragmented, nascent m-health market seems likely to consolidate in time, with its most promising startups perhaps being bought by, or entering alliances with, trusted health brands. That would help it to realise its substantial potential to help patients, doctors, health insurers and researchers alike.
Incoraggiare le mamme ad allattare al seno: è questo l’obiettivo della campagna di comunicazione e promozione ideata da un gruppo di studenti del corso di Marketing Sociale, tenuto dal Dott. Giuseppe Fattori, docente della Laurea Magistrale Comunicazione Pubblica e d’Impresa.
“La nostra iniziativa – affermano gli studenti, mira a coinvolgere le mamme dell’Emilia-Romagna, affinché siano sensibilizzate e rese più consapevoli sull’argomento.
Abbiamo cominciato definendo il nostro target primario, rappresentato dalle neomamme e dalle mamme, e quello secondario, rappresentato dai padri, dagli operatori sanitari e dai datori di lavoro.
La seconda fase è stata analitica e di raccolta dati, ottenuti mediante un questionario diffuso tramite canali online e offline.
Successivamente è cominciata la fase di promozione. È stata lanciata una pagina Facebook “allattAMI” e una Instagram “allattami_unibo” e gli hashtag ufficiali #allattAMI e #vicinoalcuore”.
Is social media too "light" for healthcare? Dr. Ed Mariano and I discuss Twitter and the Scientific Method, medical journal clubs and patient education.One concern regarding social media that I hear from doctors, nurses, and administrators is the perceived lack of gravitas and sincerity such platforms can provide. My guest today is Doctor Ed Mariano, professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is also the Associate Chief of Staff for Inpatient Surgical Services at Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. We’ll talk about Twitter and the scientific method, live tweeting at conferences and how best to get accurate, transparent information to patients. I love healthcare providers that tweet, especially the ones that make the effort to encourage their colleagues to jump into social media.

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