Five Nations Network News [Issue 2, September 2013]
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Five Nations Network News

Welcome to the second issue of Five Nations Network News.  This issue focuses on the opening up of the next round of Small-Scale Research Initiative funding applications.  Find out:
  • what Small-Scale Research Initiatives (SSRIs) are
  • how much funding is available, and for what type of activity
  • the funding criteria
Explore examples of past and current SSRIs, and become inspired to develop your cross-border links.

The Network's overarching theme for the period 2013-17 is Identity and Citizenship.  You will find out more about this, and how it could relate to your SSRI, below.

You will also find out more about the fourteenth annual conference in December, and how to register your interest in attending.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Deepa and Liz
ACT Five Nations Programme Team
Funding for Small-Scale Research Initiatives
- promoting innovation, inter-country dialogue and collaboration

We are pleased to launch our next round of SSRI funding applications. 
We can offer funding, courtesy of the Gordon Cook Foundation, of up to £3,000 for citizenship and values projects that develop links between two or more of the nations involved in the Five Nations Network.

Initiatives need to meet the following four criteria:
1. They should be small-scale, and school- or school/community-based
2. They must involve inter-nation collaboration between at least two countries in the Network

The next step
Further information and the application form can all be accessed here

After reading through this information, if you have an idea to discuss or would like to find a partner in another nation please contact us.
The SSRIs were established nearly four years ago at the 2009 conference. To date, five SSRI projects have reported on their work and nine are in progress. Examples of successful applications in 201020112012 and 2013 can be viewed as exemplars.

You can also read about the innovative aims, actions and outcomes of completed SSRI projects.
'We need more projects like this!'
- Teaching Divided Histories
Fourteenth Annual Five Nations Network Conference
Friday 6 - Saturday 7 December
Edinburgh, Scotland

This year's conference will focus on political identity. Participants will explore concepts of identities, equality, diversity and political identity in the context of political and social change in the five nations and discuss what this might mean for citizenship education and teaching in schools and beyond. 
3. They should be of an innovative character
4. They should build on existing links and projects to support transfer of ideas to other jurisdictions

Identity and Citizenship

For the period 2013-17, the Strategy Group has agreed a focus on the theme of ‘Identity and Citizenship’.  

The intention is to develop a series of three conferences to explore questions within this theme.  At each conference, we will also share the practice and learning that has developed through SSRIs.

We especially welcome SSRI proposals that focus on the theme of 'Identity and Citizenship' but are also happy to receive applications for projects that focus on other aspects of citizenship education.

Beyond Sectarianism – new thinking for a new generation

‘I was struck by how positive an opportunity it was for the young people from both cities to come together to explore life in their cities in the 21st century, exploring the shared past of both cities and from this to set a Young People’s Agenda for the future of their cities.’
- Lesley Atkins, Glasgow City Council & Shawlands Academy. 

[SSRI project between Scotland and Northern Ireland, 2010-11]
Conference Application Process

You can register your interest in attending this conference via the conference application form by 26 September 2013.

The conference remains invitation-only to secure a good balance of participants from each jurisdiction and from each constituency group. 

We will be in touch with you by October to confirm whether you have a place. 
If you are viewing this newsletter on your mobile, some of the items will appear out of order. This issue will be resolved before the next newsletter comes out.
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