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Happy April!

Art Classes at TutoTOONS Office

Hello TutoTOONS friends!

Hope you all are enjoying nice sunny weather, feeling inspired by spring and ready for our major news announcement! TutoTOONS Builder version 3 is live on the web and you can try it right now!

We've already started introducing TutoTOONS v3 features and we will continue it but first, let us once again celebrate that the most popular TutoTOONS game Jungle Animal Hair Salon reached (and holds to this day) #1 position on Google Play!
Google Play Top App Chart

What's New in TutoTOONS 3.0 - Part II

Change Scene Type in Scene Options

If you want to change the type (game mechanic) of your game scene, now you can do it in scene settings. Open Scene Options, press Change Scene Type and select the one that you need!

Change Image Type

With this new setting you can change what game object your image is in the game scene - correct or wrong object, tool, layer, simple image or even background. Open Object Settings, scroll down, press on the current Object Type and set a new one.

Change Layer Positions

Control the arrangement of image layers in any game scene with two new buttons in the top menu. Select a game object (image), move it back or forward and change layer positions as you wish.

No End Scenes by Default

No more deleting unnecessary End Scenes for every game branch. Now if you need an End Scene, you can add it like any other game scene.

Your Game Title

Edit your game name any time: open the game in editing mode and type the title.

Hiring Game Tester in Kaunas

Hiring Game Tester
If you are a motivated Game Tester based in Kaunas, Lithuania, we have an open position for you! Read more here and send us your resume and motivation letter in English at until April 11, 2016.

Time for us to leave you with top game artists and tips from game creators. If you're looking for a new game idea, remember that summer is coming (think beach fun & pool parties).

What else? Even though we tested TutoTOONS v3 and fixed many bugs, some might be left. If you want to report a bug, join our forum or share feedback, drop us a line at, we'd love to hear from you!

TutoTOONS Team


TOP 5 Game Creators of March

#1 Ian Steve
iconAngelina's Beauty Salon
Downloads: 233,400

#2 Daria Petrova
iconDoll House Cleanup
Downloads: 155,000

Sara De Zordo
#3 Sara De Zordo
iconGrandma's Cakes
Downloads: 121,300

#4 Eglė Celskytė
iconPony Sisters        
Downloads: 90,000

#5 Corina Loeblich
iconOlder Sisters Daily Care
Downloads: 84,000


Tips from Game Creators

Salvatore Pastore

"If you love to draw, if you love to invent, if you love what are you working on… I can say just one thing: don’t be afraid of the things which you’ve never did before, TutoTOONS team will be always ready to help you [...]."

Meet Salvatore Pastore, creator of Althea’s Magic Wand >>

Irena’s Art Blog

"The first and most important thing was to create the storyboard. You can't take random stuff like characters, environments, tools, etc. throw them together and hope they'll produce the storyboard for you."

Meet Irena Gladkova, creator of Rainbow's Magical Flower Salon >>

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