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Happy January!

TutoPLAY - New App for Kids

Hello TutoTOONS friends!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and have plenty of new game ideas for 2016!

Just before Christmas we launched our new experimental app and we cannot wait to tell you more about it. What's more on our first newsletter this year: 10 best-selling games, best game creators of 2015 and monthly specials!

New Project: TutoPLAY

TutoPLAY screenshot
TutoPLAY, our newest project that we started off in September 2015, is an all-in-one app pack with the 30 most popular TutoTOONS games inside. You can think of it as Netflix for kids except TutoPLAY provides hand-selected mobile games.

Once parents download TutoPLAY app, their kids can play 4 games that come in full versions and are free for unlimited time. Parents can also choose from our subscription plans to unlock all current and future games: we plan to add new games every month and subscribers will get them at no extra cost.
TutoPLAY screenshot
Currently, TutoPLAY is available only on Google Play. We've just started testing it and if this subscription based app is successful, in the future it could open up an opportunity to increase your game revenue!

TutoTOONS Mobile Update

TutoTOONS screenshot
We updated TutoTOONS mobile app and now it has the same new features as the web version. Get TutoTOONS Builder from Google Play, App Store or Amazon!

That was our news for January. If you cannot decide what your next game topic should be, remember that Valentine's Day is coming or get inspired by the best games of 2015. Keep up the creativity and see you next month!

TutoTOONS Team


TOP 10 TutoTOONS Games of 2015


1. Cleanup 3
Earnings: €41,000
Downloads: 3M
Google Play | App Store


2. Dream House
Earnings: €35,300
Downloads: 7M
Google Play | App Store


3. Animal Hair Salon
Earnings: €33,600
Downloads: 3.5M
Google Play | App Store


4. Summer Fun
Earnings: €31,100
Downloads: 3.2M
Google Play | App Store


5. Beauty Salon
Earnings: €24,000
Downloads: 6M
Google Play | App Store


6. Newborn Baby Care
Earnings: €20,800
Downloads: 3M
Google Play | App Store


7. Jungle Animal Salon
Earnings: €19,200
Downloads: 960K
Google Play | App Store


8. Princess Horse Club
Earnings: €18,300
Downloads: 870K
Google Play | App Store


9. Clean Up
Earnings: €18,100
Downloads: 1.9M
Google Play | App Store


10. Twin Sisters Care
Earnings: €12,100
Downloads: 1.7M
Google Play | App Store

Best Game Creators of 2015

Meet Olga!

7 games, 2.5M downloads
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Meet Irina & Ronald!

Irina & Ronald
3 games, 625K downloads
Read Interview

Monthly Specials

Baby Dragon Tamer

"The fun part of this project was participating in a community and exchanging ideas and tips with people from various places in the world."

Meet Alessandro, author of Baby Dragon Tamer game!

Meet Maria!

"I particularly enjoy being in contact with such talented artists and help them polish their art to produce a fantastic game."

Meet Maria, our first employee in Barcelona!

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