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Happy July!

Studio Mitkus Training Session at TutoTOONS Kaunas Office

Hello TutoTOONS friends!

It's been a month already and we're bringing you some fun from our offices and some amazing new TutoTOONS features that will help you create more realistic and professional looking games!
BCN Team Playing Foosball

New TutoTOONS Features

Visual Effect Editor

Visual Effects Editor Preview
The new super cool Visual Effect Editor lets you modify, design and create visual effects that perfectly suit your game art. Watch the preview video >>

Important: If you are making a game with the newest TutoTOONS version (V3), all visual effects must be remade with the new effect editor. Apologies for any inconvenience!

Image & Button Alignment

Image & Button Alignment
Design your game for mobile devices with different size screens. Open Object Settings to center and align images and buttons left or right in the game scene. They will appear in the center or align to the sides of the screen while playing the game on a mobile device.

Example: You can create a picture frame in the game scene that will adjust to mobile device screen size. Simply create the frame from 4 separate parts and align the vertical ones left and right.

Link Images to Game Scenes

Link to Scene
This exciting feature lets you link an image in your game with any game scene, and modify the sequence in which the player gets to different game scenes. This means that you can be more flexible and creative with your game logic and structure.

Keeping Your Game Branches Safe

Branch Warning
If you delete a branch image in the game map (Multiple Endings scene), you can delete the whole game branch. To avoid painful accidents like this, TutoTOONS Builder will ask for your confirmation before deleting the branch object.

Undo & Redo

Undo & Redo Buttons
If your hand slipped, you moved the wrong image or made some other accidental and unwanted change while editing your game, Undo and Redo buttons in the top left corner will help you get it fixed in seconds!

Wanted: Game Developer Interns

Game Developer Internship
Exciting opportunity for junior game developers based in Kaunas - short summer internship at TutoTOONS! If you're passionate about games and development, apply now and email your resume at by July 17, 2016. Read more >>

That's all this time! Scroll down to see the best game creators and monthly specials. By the way, have you heard about the recent Sweet Baby Girl copyright infringement on Google Play? Read more here if you missed it. See you in August!


TutoTOONS Team


TOP 5 Game Creators of June

Marcin Kolwas
#1 Marcin Kolwas
iconMy Cute Dog Bella      
Downloads: 458,000

Ian Steve
#2 Ian Steve
iconAngelina's Beauty Salon
Downloads: 230,000

Daria Petrova
#3 Daria Petrova
iconDoll House Cleanup
Downloads: 114,000

Oksana Riabinina
#4 Oksana Riabinina
iconSweet Little Dwarfs 2
Downloads: 112,000

Filipe Laurentino
#5 Filipe Laurentino
iconCandy City Fun      
Downloads: 107,000


Monthly Specials

Sweet Little Emma 1M Milestone

Sweet Little Emma games crossed the first million game downloads! Meet the creators Irina and Ron or check out the 5th and newest Sweet Little Emma game >>

TutoTOONS in App Annie’s Report

App Annie named TutoTOONS #3 in the Baltic States and CIS countries by game downloads at White Nights Gaming Business Conference in Saint Petersburg! See the article here >>

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