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Cigarette advertising was finally banned on British television in 1965 and The Beatles movie Help! premiered on this exact day the same year. Coincidence? I think not.

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This Needs to Be Fixed

Our huge research project on the state of the content entrepreneur is coming out tomorrow at
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Just one quick finding. See the image from above. We surveyed 1,400 content creators. On average, it takes nine months to get to the first dollar. Totally understandable, right? That’s about how long it took us.

That said, we need to do better. We need to shorten that time for people to stick with it. That’s why we created The Tilt. More to come.

The Opposite of the Crowd

I love watching the Olympics, especially swimming and gymnastics. Of course, these are two of the most popular summer Olympic events.

Let’s say you were a small country that hasn’t been able to compete in those major events, but you still want to find an event in which you can medal. What would you do?

You’d find a less competitive area, and then focus on being great at it.
That’s what the Ivory Coast and Jordan did. They focused their attention on Taekwondo, and it paid off.

If I was launching a new marketing or content initiative, I would do the same thing…focus on an area of little to no competition where you can more easily stand out (that's a content tilt). The majority of companies crowd one space, creating hundreds and thousands of articles, podcasts and videos, hoping to get noticed. It rarely works.

Just go to a place where no one is at. If it resonates, it will grow on its own. When it does, you’ll be the leading expert. Works every time.

Want more on this?
Check out this article about when content creators zag, content entrepreneurs zig.

Why Before What

If you want to listen to a life-changing podcast,
this interview I did with Michael Jr. may do the trick. After seeing one of his videos in 2015, we recruited Michael to be one of our keynotes for Content Marketing World in 2016. He came back with one of the highest ratings ever.

To quote Michael Jr., “If you understand your why, you have a lot of options for what. But your why never changes.”

For example, he says, “My why is to comedically inspire people to walk in purpose. But my ‘what’ looks like doing stand-up comedy, writing more books, doing more TV shows, doing more touring… I have a lot of options for ‘what,’ but my ‘why’ doesn’t change. So if you understand your ‘why’ your ‘what’ has more impact. The key is to understand why you are putting it out there and whether it connects with your why or just a why.”

Michael Jr.’s words explain a lot about the state of content right now. So many companies are creating articles and podcasts and social media posts; but is there a clear why behind the ‘what’ they are creating? Sadly, most businesses don’t have this. They just run to the ‘what’ first.

Michael always asks, “What is your why? Or are you too busy jumping from ‘what’ to ‘what’ to even ask or answer that question?”

Well, are you? Do you know the “why” behind your content? Or are you jumping from article to podcast to video without truly understanding the purpose for creating it?

You have to remind yourself of this all the time. I know I do. This came up recently. We had an opportunity at
The Tilt to create a piece of content that would have generated a good chunk of revenue. The problem was, it wasn’t quite within our mission, and I didn’t think it was valuable enough for our audience. So we decided not to do this.

Maybe in your situation you are asked to create content to drive immediate sales…but you know in your heart and soul it’s not serving the customer or audience. While these activities might help short term, they will kill you long term. We have to learn to say no.

Here’s what I ask of you: Right now, stop creating all the “whats” and really put some thought into your “why.” Find a “why” that has purpose for you as well as a deep purpose and meaning for your audience. Once you find that, all the “whats” will easily present themselves.

The Superior Money

Here is a fantastic article on Bitcoin. It’s worth the read.

There are a couple of sections worth focusing on. First, why is Bitcoin superior money?

“It perfectly performs the three functions of money:

It’s the perfect store of value because I know exactly how much I have in relationship to the whole, and I know that it cannot be diluted or altered.

It’s the perfect medium of exchange because I can send what I want, to whom I want, whenever I want and there is no power in the universe that can stop me from doing so.

It’s the perfect unit of account because it’s infinitely divisible and I can thus measure all other goods and services in it. As its purchasing power grows, one can continue to sub-divide the units to measure smaller goods and services, forever.”

And finally, one cannot “invest” in Bitcoin like you can stocks or real estate.

“One does not ”invest” in a superior form of money.

In the same way that the person who holds the Zimbabwean dollar or bolívar doesn’t “invest” in USD, but flees to it as a superior money that has a better guarantee, people who understand Bitcoin are moving out of traditional government-issued currencies not as an investment but as a migration to superior money.”

My friend Jim and I were talking about this in front of a group of four other people last week. After the first two minutes of conversation, every one else left (yes, it was one of those conversations).

I think most people are overwhelmed by the concept of Bitcoin. When they become this way, I just reiterate –

It’s not controlled by any government or entity.

It will never be diluted or changed in any way.

I can do whatever I want with it and never need anyone else’s permission to do anything with it.

I believe that, in my lifetime, it will be the world’s currency. Mind you, there will be a million other currencies simultaneously, but Bitcoin will be the standard.

Random Idea - Don't Settle

As you know from the last issue of The Random, I'm a huge Ted Lasso fan.

A few days ago I finished the first episode of season 2 (it's a solid start), but there was one moment that made a real impact on me. Rebecca, the team owner, is unsure about her new boyfriend and decides to go on a double date with Roy and Keeley to "test" him out.

After the dinner, Rebecca asks Roy and Keeley what they thought of him. Roy says “He’s fine, that’s it. You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by [expletive] lightning. Don’t you dare settle for fine.”

With so many things in life I think we settle for things. Maybe we do because we think we don't deserve more. Maybe it's because we don't know there are other options. I honestly don't know. Good enough is never good enough and fine is a disaster.

This is your friendly reminder that, with everything in your life, take it to 11. You deserve it.

Thank You!

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