From Burnout and Mental Rollercoasters to Balance

Hello Friends! 

I've got some hot resources for you. Then an update about the new world our heart's know is possible. 

Hot Resources: 

We've done some killer live shows recently. I'm really happy with the tips and resources these conversations are pulling out. These are both just chock full of ideas to make our lives easier. 

Handling Burnout and Balance - PeaCreaLive with Dave and Arny
Arny and I both start the show on the edge of burnout. I am working like crazy. I am hearing from my corporate clients that people are just opening their laptops as soon as they get up and just working into the evening. This is not the balance and reset that this time can afford us. We dive into strategies to handle burnout and return to balance in this show. 

Handling Life's Big Ups and Downs With Coach Chris Hardy - PeaCreaLive with Dave and Arny
My good friend Chris came on the show and dropped some beautiful perspective bombs on navigating this weird time. It's pretty raw in moments. We discuss difficult emotions and what it means to be an emotionally intelligent man in today's world, and the strategies we use to navigate the rollercoaster. There are so many resources for you in this show. 

Join us live next time and ask a question! We do the show on most weekdays at 6 pm Prague time. The best way to know exactly when we are on is to subscribe to my youtube channel: reLOVEution. You'll see the upcoming streams. Or follow or friend Arny on facebook and you'll get a notification there when we are live.

New World Update:

I've been saying to everyone that this weird time is a wake-up call. Well, a few weeks ago, the phone rang in my heart. I gently picked it up. I heard something telling me that it is my mission to do whatever I can to help usher in a new version of society that puts love and wellbeing first coming out of this crazy time. Uh, okay. I put the phone down. I didn't do anything. 

Over the last few weeks, the phone kept ringing. Slowly, gradually, and somewhat begrudgingly I started listening more. A heard a name, I heard an idea. I realized I have been called to start a new project: reLOVEution

It's a weird word, I know. But it means a complete revamp of how we conduct ourselves, how we build our businesses, connect in our relationships, and co-create society by putting love first. So we spend our precious life in ways that feel good, bring happiness, and allow the highest good for all. I don't like starting things just, willy nilly. And I have lots of work right now. But this thing just kept calling.  

I have no idea where this is going. But it's going. I'm going to be talking about it. If you don't want to hear about it or be part of it, you better unsubscribe. :) 

But I don't what the hell it is! If this idea resonates with you in some way, hit reply and let me know if you have a burning challenge you would love it to solve for you. To help me figure it out! 

Thanks so much for reading. Cheers to thinking for ourselves and co-creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Love, David
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