Authentic No, Shame, and Compassion

Happy Tuesday! The forgotten day of the week. Tuesday was so sad until she saw this email. I have some new resources for you, and an update.

Live Free Class on Resilience:
I'm doing a one-time online class with TNM Coaching called "I Can Handle Anything", How To Develop World-Class Personal Resilience" on Thursday 7 May. It's free as part of our way of helping in this crazy time. I'll be sharing what I learned in my training and work as a Personal Resilience coach. If you're interested, just register on at the link, I'd love to see you there.

Shame and Compassion with Andy Bradley
We were very excited to have compassionate facilitator Andy Bradley on the PeaCreaLive show. We talked about all kinds of raw topics, processing shame, self-compassion, and healing in groups. He's a TEDx speaker and health care industry innovator. He explained to us the difference between guilt and shame, and talked about 4 aspects of compassion were really useful for us. We discussed how to put it into practice.

How To Find Your Authentic Yes and Authentic No
Arny and I discuss how to find our authentic "yes!" and authentic "no!" for better decisions and more authentic boundaries. We talk about the no that comes from triggers versus the no that comes from a deeper place, and how to tell the difference, and how to use this information.

Our live show happens at 6 pm Prague time on some weekdays. We never know exactly when until that very day. It's a special secret, but you can know by subscribing to the youtube channel reLOVEution. Sometimes we go live on facebook right before the show to ask the audience what they want to discuss on the live show, so facebook friend me if you want to catch it.

May All Beings Be Happy and Free: Update
That's the purpose of the reLOVEution. I've been writing and thinking about it a lot lately, to try to understand what it is. What I can tell right now is that it's a place for resources and community for all those that want to create the "more beautiful world our hearts know is possible." The gap between here and there might be a tricky one, and we can only make it together. Here are a few of the ideas this project will explore:
  • The Gift Economy - if life is a gift, how can we make business match that, instead of being debt and transaction based? I am experimenting with all reLOVE services as "pay what matches you."
  • reLOVE Personal - how do we really love ourselves and others, know our truth, feel our guidance, and act for the highest joy and highest good of all?
  • reLOVE Business - how can we lead, create businesses, and work in the most enlivening and enriching way for the highest benefit of all?
  • reLOVE Circles - groups of 8 - 12 working on reLOVEing and supporting each other so that we cannot fail. These groups form a community that meditates together, visualizes together, shares their gifts, and takes care of each other.
  • reLOVE Daily - a daily blog and email with a simple idea that helps us move from the "Age of Separation" into the "Age of Oneness"

What do you think? Does any of that appeal to you? Or should I kill this project?

I still don't know what this is, but it's moving. Thanks for reading.
Love, David

(My Linkedin profile, where you can connect with me and find out about more live classes if they happen, and sometimes I write spiritual-business-related articles there)

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