The Ballad of Steve

An Idea:

What can our brains do very well? Logic, calculation, planning, mapping, language, recognizing faces, puzzling, taking things apart and putting them together, analyzing, reading, writing, learning, business, monitoring and directing our bodies, and more. Those are all fantastic qualities. But so what? How do those things lead to lasting happiness? Our brains are designed for our survival, not our happiness. Happiness is a feeling. Happiness is the realm of the heart and the spirit. Yet most of us spend 99% of the day in brain realm. How can you change your daily ratio so that you are spending a higher and higher percentage of your life in heart and spirit realm? 

New Podcast Episode - Flow and Change - The Ballad of Steve: 

All of us have a friend that seems to just have the easy life. Opportunities seem to fall in their lap. Relationships seem easy to come by. They're not worrying about money and they are having lots of fun. I have a friend like this, his name is Steve. 

I acknowledge that what we see from the outside is not the whole story. But I've known Steve for over 20 years, and this guy is a borderline Taoist master without even knowing it. 

So I got him on the podcast to discuss his approach to life and how it helps him. Then we breakdown the 4th verse of the Tao Te Ching. 

It's a weird verse and this podcast covers many topics. There are some real gems in there for daily life. You will hear: 
  • Steve’s incredible results from being in flow.
  • The 3-part approach that keeps Steve in flow with life.
  • How to bring opportunities into your life that you cannot foresee.
  • The 4th verse of the Tao Te Ching.
  • Do the Tao and Quantum Physics have a similar message?
  • Does statistics have a clue about getting into flow? 
  • The “Just One Data Point” method for not worrying.
  • How do our bodies use the quantum field?
  • How does the Tao connect with the simulation theory of existence?
  • Where is our free will? How do we create change?
  • How does surrender sync with creating change?
  • A meditation technique for feeling the Tao.
Many insights crystalized for me in this episode, and I hope you end up in peace like I did. Listen on apple podcasts, spotify or right here. 

Love, David

PS - What do you like better, getting one to one coaching alone or being part of a coaching group? Do me a favor, hit reply and just send me your answer. It can be one word. 

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