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The Joy of Nothing
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I'm in my house. The Czech government has banned anyone going outside except for absolutely necessary food gathering or family visits. So I'm doing nothing. It's so great. And yet, I notice a part of my mind is quite agitated. It is not my real voice, it is society in my head, or something I learned as a child.

I'm noticing we are obsessed with doing something. We need to buy something, we need to create something, we need to tell someone something, we need to fix something, we need to get something, we need other people to do something in exactly the way we think it should be done. The heroes in our movies always take the boldest (and usually violent) action. The stories of our entrepreneurs are that they charged ahead and become self-made successes of something. So many somethings.

And where is happiness found in these things? All this doing something is supposed to make us happy and free and joyous, no? How has that worked out for humanity and the earth, so far? We are more physically comfortable yet more depressed than ever, and we are destroying the parts of the environment we require for life. If doing was the answer to our greatest humanity, I think we would have done it by now.

But we can't stop, because we are terrified of Nothing. Do you remember the child's movie, The Never-ending Story? The villian in that movie was The Nothing. The Nothing is evil, it takes away all the good land and fun characters. The Nothing sucks that snail guy out of the giant rock monster’s big strong hands. Very scary. I used to like this movie.

We obsess over somethings to keep the Nothing at bay. Do we ever stop to ask where all these somethings came from? Where does physical reality come from?

We don't know. Spirituality has a guess. The Tao Te Ching tells us in no uncertain terms. All something comes from Nothing. The source of all the somethings is Nothing. A vast infinite No-thingness. It cannot be named. If we try to...Read More


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