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I Love Calm. Let's Learn It Together At 4 pm Prague Time. 

We have a delicious live show for you today. Delicious for your mind. Get that tasty morsel of peace and calm we all crave on today's show. Learn how to do it super fast. Join the live show on youtube and ask questions of our amazing guest, trauma healing expert, Janie Whittemore! 

You know, yesterday my girlfriend helped me change my mental state completely by using the body. Two days ago I was invited to join an exciting new project. But I just kept my head in my work and kept pushing. I didn't even mention it. Then yesterday I was invited to join another one. Finally, that second evening I said something outloud, willing to share the news. My girlfriend was like, "Whaa? Why didn't you say something!? Did you celebrate?" "Nope," I replied, "I didn't even think of that." I was still in work mode, still in stress mode from this whole crazy situation. She held up her hand and called for silence. She said, "Do a celebration dance. Right now. Do it. What's your celebration dance?" I hesitated. "Do the dance!" So I did something small, the first thing that came to mind. It made me smile. Within seconds I was doing a 2-part, full-body celebration dance move. We were both cracking up. When I stopped dancing and the "must do more" "must push" feeling was gone, replaced by a feeling of gratitude, peace, and lightness for the work I get to do and how Life is supporting and playing with me.

One of the best ways to heal the mind is through the body. And that's what we're going to talk about on the live show today

If you can't join, at least do a dance. 

Love, David
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