Your Inner Artist Is Still There

Hello Friends!

Why do you think many people feel like something is missing in their lives? Do you ever feel this way?

Like fulfillment is either always temporary or always out just of reach. That you could be so much more creative than you currently are. That there is some bigger gift you know you have to give to the world, but don't know how. That there is some part of you that is just never fully expressed. This vague feeling of being unsatisfied with life and your role in it.

It's okay, you are not alone. So many people I meet and work with feel this way. I've felt this way too. Most people don't talk about it because they want to seem happy with their choices and look like they've got their shit together.

At Peaceful Creativity, we have an idea why these feelings are happening: because most of us have abandoned our Inner Artist.

You are an Artist. You always were and you know this deep inside. But maybe you thought you were never good enough to share your art with strangers. Maybe you were told you shouldn't pursue your art so you squashed it down. Maybe you decided it can't make money so you had more important things to do. Maybe you have always wanted to write, paint, dance, sing, draw, carve, craft, build, use your intuition for others, or do some other art for the world, but now you are an executive at a Fortune 100 company with a family, and who has time for such silly pursuits? 

You do. The pain of abandoning your art won't go away. It will only grow. You need it, and we need it. If you turn toward your art, something magical can happen. It can bring back joy, give you ideas out of nowhere, take you in directions your logical mind could never anticipate. Even if it is just a tiny hobby, reconnecting to your Inner Artist can spill over to enhance every other part of your life: your work, your relationships, your well-being, and your contribution in the world. The world has never needed more of your creativity so badly. We need more art to help us come together and get through these crazy times. Your Inner Artist is still there, it never left. If you have an urge to write that book or those poems, to do that dance, to sing that song, to draw that picture, this is not a coincidence. It is a sign that you have something completely unique to offer right now. Even if only one other person ever sees it. Even if you never share it, but it makes you a more creative leader, parent, or friend, this is what we need.

We want to help you with this. At Peaceful Creativity, we are building a safe space to help us all reconnect with our Inner Artist, our genius, our creativity, our fulfillment. We are building a community where we can share our art with just a few hand-picked supportive people, get help with it no matter what level we are at, and nurture our art until we feel ready to share more widely, or not. This is not about fame or a following right now. This is about each of us expressing what we came here to express, and not abandoning that part of us anymore. It's about realizing that our art was given to us, and it's up to us nurture it. Only us. No one can do that for us. We are not talking about quitting our jobs, we are talking about building the habit of expressing our Inner Artist in tiny ways or big ones, and seeing what magic happens. What fun!

Are you interested? If this sounds cool to you, definitely join the Peaceful Creativity email list to see this as we build it and learn how to be a part of it.

If you want to help us, hell yes please! You can help me right now so easily. Just hit reply and answer these two questions:

1) What's your biggest frustration related to doing your art or being more personally creative?

2) Where you do go online right now to learn about doing your art or being more personally creative?

Your answers will give us a huge boost in helping humans do the art we came here to do, and help us all survive and thrive together.

Thanks so much! - David
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