How To Balance Following Your Heart Versus Money

It's Tune-in Tuesday! Maybe Tuesdays are better than Mondays for an email, we're going to find out. What am I suggesting we Tune-in to? 

Your Spirit. Your Higher Self. Your Heart. It's not too late in the week, you still have this whole week to do something that's going to make your heart sing. So tune in today to what your heart is telling you. Ask it questions. Listen for the answers, or journal them. No one can do this for you. It's not like your taxes.

My language is a bit off here. I say "your spirit" and "your higher self" but that means another part of you is owning that. What part of you is the owner of "your" spirit? Is the mind the owner? Is it the body? You see, it's actually the opposite. The Spirit owns your mind and your body. The Spirit created them to experience time-space. The Higher Self is more truly the real You. Your mind, your body, those are your loyal and beautiful physical creations. So put those tools to work for the real You. Tune into your heart and then get your mind and body to do what your heart tells them. 

If you want help today, I have a new podcast episode about being authentic and balancing heart-following with money-making! 

I'm super excited about this one because my friend, collaborator, and overall peaceful creativity genius, Arnaud, comes on the show with me to talk about Verse 3 of the Tao Te Ching. Yeah, Arnaud has one name, like Sting. But did you know I have a podcast that is going through all 81 versus of the Tao Te Ching, to finally understand and live in Flow? I do! It's called No Effort Human

In this episode, we discuss: 
  • What is the Tao Te Ching.
  • The legend of Lao Tzu.
  • How first impressions work and what it means for us.
  • How being vulnerable affects yourself and others.
  • How to make a deeper connection with anyone.
  • Why taking care of people changes their behavior.
  • What really blocks your creativity.
  • How can artistic people balance creativity and money.
  • How to stop the ego from hijacking the joy of creativity.
  • Final wise words from Arnaud. 
Check it out. Let me know what you think. Or reply here and ask me a question. I would love to feature it on the show. 

Love, David

PS - I have a few spots available for 1:1 coaching right now. When I work with individuals there are two main areas we explore: emotional healing and following your higher guidance. We use these two pieces to unpack challenges in your life and move into something new. I have a sliding fee scale based on income level, and we would decide a set amount of time to work together. If it interests you, just fill out this short form and I will get back to you. 
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