3 Eclipses in 6 weeks. What does this mean?

The short answer is: I don't know. But multiple spiritual teachers I follow have described the energy we are in right now as a time of shedding. It's like we are passing through a portal in space-time that leads to the future we would love. The catch is that the window is small. Not all of us will be willing to go through. We have to shed some excess energy we are carrying so we fit through the hole to the future. We need to look down and see all the crap we are holding on a personal and collective level. Sounds like pretty much all of 2020 so far.

The full moon that just happened on 5 June, the new moon on 21 June, and the full moon on 5 July are apparently going to help us drop our junk. For me, I can say that I am definitely feeling a bit kicked by the full moon that just happened. Or maybe it's the weight of the collective upheaval at the moment. Or maybe it's the Psilocybin mushrooms I ate? Probably all three.

We're going to clear things up on our live show Tuesday! Astrologist, Coach, and CEO of The Institute for Earth-Based Living, Hilary Booker, PhD will be joining us at 6 pm Prague time, 12 pm Eastern US. We'll discuss the astrological angle of current times, this energetic window, and how we can use this time for greatest healing.

Arny and I are going to ask some questions, and this highly-educated moon sorceress better give us some answers. Join the show and you can ask questions too!

In the meantime, let me ask you a question: what ideas and stories are you being asked to reconcile and drop right now? Give yourself space to do the work.

Love, David

PS - The live show is currently titled: "Using Astrology
For Change."
It's not about our fate or predetermination. It's about using all the clues available to live our most fulfilling life in the highest good of all. And jumping through the future hole.
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