“There’s always a sunrise and always a sunset and it’s up to you to choose to be there for it," said my mother. "Put yourself in the way of beauty."
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Gracious reader,

From a recent business bestseller:  doing our best work requires us to "extract" every last bit of our productivity and creativity. 

I nearly threw the book across the room.

While I'm all about the excellence, a basic principle in my workplace hierarchy of needs is that people should be able to say, "I'm able to eat, sleep and renew myself."

This principle isn't there for the benefit of your employer, or for your work.  It's because you're a human being.

And yet, work.  You've got to navigate your boundaries.  And find ways to renew yourself.

Labor Day marks the end of summer in the US:  if you're fortunate to have paid time off, are you on track to use it all this year?
Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...
  • "Because employers don't have to offer vacation, those that do have a lot of legal leeway in setting the rules..."  Paid Vacation, What Are Your Rights?
  • "Under a traditional paid-time-off (PTO) system, workers accrue vacation time at a specified rate.  When they leave or are terminated, their employer must pay them for any unused vacation days, which are treated as deferred compensation..."  This is not true in unlimited vacation scenarios:  plan accordingly.   Should Your Company Offer Unlimited Vacation Time? by June D. Bell at SHRM.
  • Yes, hashtag selfcare, the Internet may tell you it's ok to call in sick, when you're not.  Your employer may disagree.  One senior exec told me of having to let people go for having abused sick days, saying, "We have a generous sick day policy, which employees should view as insurance."  Know your organization's (written) policy!
  • "If the idea of ignoring all your work email fills you with fear, is that because you like to be in touch, or because you really could lose your job if you disconnect?  What is the minimum connectivity that will be accepted at your job?"  The Right Way to Unplug While You're on Vacation, by Alexandra Samuel.
  • Survey says:  "...the 43 percent who intended to unplug while on vacation turned out to be much happier, and 81 percent reported a more enjoyable vacation."  McAfee Poll Shows Most People Can't Unplug During Their Vacations, by Dean Takahashi.
  • "Class options include Asana Through Your Existential Despair, Free Swim Out of Imposter Syndrome, and Hula Hoop Away the Life You Planned with Steve."  Welcome to Digital-Detox Camp, by Diana Vilibert.
You'd Better Mind These Gaps
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Thank you so much for reading.

Anne Libby

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