“…The human condition is one about belonging.  We simply cannot thrive unless we are in relationship...”
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Gracious reader,

How to Have A Job is now one year old!  Many thanks, especially to generous members of my management newsletter who were beta testers for this project.

HTHAJ emerged from conversations with managers in many organizations who were telling me about people problems they didn't think they should have to manage.  (NB:  the word "should" is a bottomless pit.) 

My response?  Yes, dear People Manager, it is your job to coach employees, even on basics like being on time.  Part of your job is teaching people how to have a job -- especially when people are new to the workforce.

One day in 2015, I sat down and made a list* for a student in my circle.

I also shared the list with colleagues, and asked for feedback.  Reactions were strong.  Some hated it.  Others asked, "Where was this list when I had my first job?" 

Either way, people engaged.  I've been slowly sharing the ideas in the world.  Starting with you.

A failure to observe that you know "How to Have a Job" affects people's perception of you -- your skill, your talent, your promotability, and your so-called culture fit.

Culture is a way of distinguishing Us from Other.  Mimi Fox Melton and Naomi Uwaka's "The Language of the Workplace" addresses how people are included or excluded based on whether we adopt workplace norms. 

Our norms are often unspoken and unwritten.  So, who gets to know them -- who gets to belong?

This is why I care so much about How to Have a Job

And it's why I'm glad you're here, reading with me.
*more on the list below

Here's a review of the last 10 issues of How to Have a Job, along with additonal resources on each topic.  (Is it an index?  Hmmm.)
Thanks so much, especially to those of you who have been reading and sharing How to Have a Job since last April.

I've been testing send times, and also Mailchimp's recommendation that I "resend to non-openers."  The jury is still out.  One thing I'm not sure about, has Big Software Mailchimp made mistakes in identifying non-openers?

If you felt fooled into opening a second instance of an email you had already opened, I would love to apologize personally.  I'd also like to make a small donation to the charity of your choice, so please do let me know.

If you'd like to suggest a topic or send me any other feedback, please do reply -- I read and answer all of my email. 

Thanks to those of you who have written in with your questions.  For Year 2 of How to Have a Job, I'm designing ways for you to get (my) answers to your questions.


Anne Libby

P.S  Want access to the (currently) supersecret-not-really-published How to Have a Job list?  Send me a note and I'll send a link and password.
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