...gratitude is not just about empty platitudes or forced dinner table exercises.  It’s about marveling.
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Gracious reader,

It was just after 7am on Thanksgiving Day, and I was leaving a suburban grocery store with some mushrooms.  Victory!

Blocking the doorway, a manager was scolding an employee, voice raised, because, "By now, the carts should be in, and the garbage should be taken care of."  The employee was nodding, his shoulders slumped.

Among other things, the manager clearly wasn't remembering an old rule, "Praise in public, criticize in private."  (Often attributed to Mary Kay Ash.)  

And on the US holiday theoretically devoted to gratitude -- when poor grocery planners like me were fortunate to find people ready to sell us mushrooms?  More than uncool. 

This time, an exploration of gratitude at work.  And, I'm grateful that my email has landed in your in-box.
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Official Recognition
Back when I worked in a large company, I sent thank you notes to people who made an extraordinary effort, or solved a sticky client problem.  It was surprising to find some of my notes hanging on people's cubicle walls -- and to see that my quick expressions of gratitude actually mattered.  Try it.

And, thank you very much, Gracious reader, for reading my newsletter.

Anne Libby
P.S.  If you lead a team, performance reviews -- though quite a process -- are an opportunity to show gratitude.  If you're wondering how reviews might be smoother in 2018, my brief guides are available for purchase at this link
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If you're a registered voter in the US, please contact your elected officials.   I'd be grateful.
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