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Gracious reader,

When you're starting a new endeavor, concrete advice is useful.  There are right ways to do things.

A figure skating coach gave me specific instruction on how to move and position my body on the ice.  Her advice was based on observation, and assessment of my ability to execute on the basics. 

If my coach wrote a blog post on "How to Skate Backwards," her advice would be unlikely to apply equally to a man (6 feet, 220 pounds), and to me (petite.)

Context matters.  You have many sources of workplace advice: your mom, your BFF, various "thought leaders," and even this newsletter.

Advice from a human beats internet advice.  Especially if the human knows you, and the environment you work in.

Most workplace advice is not perfectly universal.  So when you get it, interrogate it.  Ask, why might this work for me?  Why may it not?
Dear Abby, Dear Abby
For Entertainment Purposes (Mostly)
  • Online career advice columns provide the opportunity to cringe, laugh, and be glad we don't work there.  You may be better off viewing them as opinion or entertainment, and not a prescription for career success.
  • The legal elements of work are complex and country-specific.  (Some US states even offer distinct legal employee protections.) So, some online workplace advice makes me cringe.  I do appreciate Evil Skippy, who is Jim Webber's alter-ego; Jim is an HR pro and employment attorney.  There's humor and (legally sound) wisdom at his blog.
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