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Team PHenomenal Hope

Welcome to the December Update

In November we shared many of the highlights from 2015, and thanked our sponsors and supporters, families and friends for helping us cross many finish lines and reach new goals along the way. In this update, we discuss the concept of where we’ve gone – the evolution of the Team PH concept in 2015 and how it will grow in 2016.



Team PHenomenal Hope Heading to New Zealand

We are sending two duos to New Zealand to race in The Pioneer through New Zealand’s pristine Southern Alps.

This is the first race of its kind to link together more than 500 kilometers of farm tracks, New Zealand Cycle Trails, double track and single track riding in a very special part of the world where soaring mountain peaks, crystal-clear blue lakes, and golden high country await.

Racers will ride for seven days, and climb a lot – more than 15,000 meters (almost 50,000 feet) by the end of the race. Racers must race as duos and keep within two minutes of one another. This is the back-country, after all. With this race, our team yet again expands in members and in going to new horizons, sending racers off road and over mountains, racing for those who work to breathe.

Read more about The Pioneer and how you can join us here...


Team News

As 2015 draws to a close, we again want to thank you for your support this past year. You helped us transform and grow in our cause of raising pulmonary hypertension awareness from one sport, one event, one country intomany events, many sports, all over the world.

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Warrior Bio

This month’s warrior bio features the story of Jeannie, who lives with PH secondary to Scleroderma.

"Upon retirement from teaching in June 2008, my motto was to be 'free as the wind.' My wonderful world had changed the next fall when I was diagnosed with a rare disease."

Read her story here...


Bayer HealthCare

Physician Survey Demonstrates Need for Greater Awareness of Rare, Life-Threatening Lung Condition

A new survey sponsored by Bayer revealed that many physicians report a lack of familiarity with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH). The survey was released on November 24 to bring attention to the condition and the need for further education to improve the patient pathway to diagnosis and effective treatment.

CTEPH is a rare, life-threatening form of pulmonary hypertension (PH) that causes high blood pressure in the lungs and can lead to right heart failure and death. Each year, in the US, about 600,000 persons have an acute pulmonary embolism, and it is estimated that there are between 500 and 2500 new cases of CTEPH diagnosed each year. The incidence and prevalence of CTEPH are yet to be accurately determined and may be significantly underestimated. In fact, as many as 1 out of every 25 people who had a pulmonary embolism (even if they were treated with at least 3 months of anticoagulants), go on to develop CTEPH.*

“Because surgery can be an effective treatment for CTEPH, it is critical that physicians suspect and diagnose the condition. Unfortunately, as demonstrated by this survey, recognition of CTEPH among primary care physicians is inadequate,” said Richard Channick, M.D., director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pulmonary Hypertension and Thromboendarterectomy Program. “We very much need further education to identify and treat these patients as quickly as possible.”

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2016 Schedule of Events