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Team PHenomenal Hope

Welcome to the February Update

It has been a HUGE month for Team PHenomenal Hope, as we opened 2016 with a huge race on the other side of the world and have lots of exciting events ahead. There is a lot going on, so fasten your bike helmets and pedal with us on the latest update.


Onward & Upward

Thank you for helping us reach the finish line and our goal in The Pioneer New Zealand! With your help we surpassed our goal of raising over $1 for every meter climbed, raising over $16,000 to support Pulmonary Hypertension Association research funds.

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Warrior Bio

In 2007, at the age of 24, I was diagnosed with a massive pulmonary embolism. After spending 10 days in the hospital between ICU and Med Surge Unit, I was discharged with oxygen and a blood thinner. Six months later, I was elated to learn that my massive clot dissolved!

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Race of a Lifetime

The Pioneer New Zealand. Epic mountain bike race. Epic scenery. Epic cause. I have been fortunate these past two years to be a part of something extremely special, and to have done some incredible events with Team PHenomenal Hope. Events that you prepare for. Events that make you push yourself to new limits, and events that make you discover something new about yourself. Yet even in the context of the past two years, this race definitely stands out as something truly memorable.

The Pioneer was more than a race. On its most basic level, it was about getting from start to finish, getting across the mountains, and being alive. It was about seizing the day, embracing the beauty and challenge of the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and riding further, longer, better than you’ve ever ridden. It was about confronting human limitations and rising above them. On another level, it was about connecting, it was about shining a spotlight on a condition few knew of, and forging new friendships, realizing that we are not alone – not in our fight against pulmonary hypertension nor when we are trying to make it up one more climb, then another, then another.

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Love in 2016

Team PHenomenal Hope is here for the patients of those suffering with pulmonary hypertension.

We race and write and plan and dream and practice (and practice, and practice … ) all because of the patients. So we like to talk about how awesome our PHriends – those patients – are. Every chance we get. We love them and work everyday to ensure this organization is a place that is fighting on their behalf to raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension and that lets them know they have a community who cares for them.

But this February, we want to spend time with a special thank you to another group that makes our work possible – a group who might sometimes be overlooked: Our Presenting Sponsors.

Sure, it’s only February and we’ve already raised almost $16,000 from grassroots donations made by people like you (ahem).

But let’s face it, without our corporate sponsors, the work we do and the reach we have simply wouldn’t be possible.

This February, we want to especially thank UPMCBayer Healthcare, and Actelion Pharmaceuticals.

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Diane “Dee” Splitstone

Team PHenomenal Hope would like to thank the generous family and friends of Diane “Dee” Splitstone, who passed away from pulmonary hypertension on December 8, 2015, peacefully at her home.

Dee was born November 26, 1942 in Cleveland, Ohio, and was a loving wife of Douglas Splitstone, and mother of Don and his wife Stacy, and Heather with her husband Douglas, and enjoyed four loving grandchildren. She graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in education, and worked as teacher in the Gateway and Franklin School Districts for 17 years. She was a 15-year survivor of a matched, unrelated donor stem cell transplant for Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia (CMML), and served as a 10-year First Connection volunteer with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She gave comfort and hope to more than 80 newly diagnosed CMML patients throughout the United States and Canada.

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2016 Schedule of Events

  • March 26 - Just a Short Run, Allison Park, PA

  • April 3 - Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, Washington, D.C.

  • April 10 - PHenomenal Hope 5K, Pittsburgh, PA

  • May 1 - Pittsburgh Marathon, Pittsburgh, PA
    Race with Team PH in the Pittsburgh Marathon! This year we are an official charity with the Pittsburgh Marathon, which means you can race with us in Pittsburgh’s biggest race on May 1! When you register through the Pittsburgh Marathon make sure you select Team PHenomenal Hope as your run for a reason charity! Together we will race to make a difference!