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October 2015

News from Paul Lewis
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We have a house!

I am happy to report that Sara and I will be closing on a house in about a week.  The search was relatively quick and easy and we are looking forward to moving into the new place where we'll have more room and a place that  will (eventually) be "our own". The house is a one-story 3-bedroom 2-bath ranch style home (see the picture above) with a 2-car garage.  It is conveniently located just one block from a very nice park and is about halfway between Sara's and my workplaces.  God has provided almost everything we had wished for.

The hardest part of the process has been completing the mountains of forms and paperwork and even that has gone relatively smoothly.  We had planned to close at the end of the month but things have come together more quickly so we are now hoping to close on the 22nd. Please pray that no unexpected glitches arise and that we'll be able to sign all the papers and hand over our money without any surprises.

On the work front I had a new experience in being part of a panel on a webinar with about 50 participants from all around the world.  The topic was the Sustainable Use Model which is the theory that we have developed and are writing about in "the book". The panel discussion went well with good questions coming from the audience and hopefully good answers coming from those of us on the panel.
About a week ago, I began again to focus primarily on "the book" trying to get it ready to turn over to the publishing department. For more than a year now, we have made a preliminary version available for use as a textbook which has provided us with good reviews and evaluations of the content and presentation. Errors and inconsistencies came to light and we think the majority of the problems with the text have been taken care of. Where preliminary users found our explanations not very clear, we have had the opportunity to reword, rewrite, and replace wherever it seemed appropriate. Most of what I am doing now is researching and summarizing examples that show how what people are actually doing in language development projects aligns with the theory. Our goal is to have everything done and the book out of our hands by the end of the month. There will still be some decisions to be made about cover design, graphics used in some of the chapters, and the preparation of an index, but the hard work of producing the actual content is nearly over. My greatest fear and joy is that it will be so well accepted that we'll need to do a second edition!

Last month I mentioned the second training workshop we were about to offer on how to use OSCAR, the Ethnologue's new online editing system.  That workshop went well and resulted in another group of trained field contributors. We hope to reach at least 100 trained field contributors, each with a portfolio of languages to steward, and as of now we have 27 people on that list.  Many of those are already making contributions at a rapid pace.  That, of course, means more work for the Ethnologue editors (I'm one of three) who have to review and approve each pending update that gets submitted. I take about an hour each morning to see what has come in and what I can deal with. Over the next few months the Ethnologue work will ramp up as we prepare for the release of the next edition (the 19th) in late February.

The rest of this year will find me here in Dallas focusing on the book, the move, and the Ethnologue.  Sara and I are looking forward to being in the new house by Thanksgiving and that will mean a busy few weeks getting some needed repairs done, purchasing appliances, and doing all that needs to be done to get utilities connected, addresses changed, and probably a few things we haven't thought about. We've received a generous gift to help us buy a refrigerator, but also will need to  buy a washer, dryer, and stove. Inevitably we'll have to pick up some additional furniture as well.

Next month, I hope to be able to share some pictures of the interior of the house, let you know how we've survived the move, and to update you on progress on my work projects.  Of course, there is always an open invitation for you to come visit. We'd love to see you and to share this blessing with you.

Many thanks for your faithfulness,

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