Fortnightly Dispatch No. 02

This is Scott Anderson, and this is the Fortnightly Dispatch, where I share what’s catching my attention and highlight a few personal + family notes and photos from the past two weeks.

This newsletter, and the Notes & Photos blog, is meant to replace social media (for me), as I delete and wean off those channels and instead share with people in a more thoughtful way (ideally, with people I actually know and like).

Aliso Creek Trail | Just before dusk

Notable Reads & Listens

“Just Sit There” — Ryan Holiday highlights some noteworthy wisdom from his conversation with Richard Overton (in 2017) who was at the time America’s Oldest Veteran in the US. So many nuggets in here, with his one being a personal favorite:

“There was a generation of Americans who used to sit on their porch and enjoy life as it happened.” Robert was one of those men. “[He] just enjoys life on that porch, enjoys the present moment, maybe remembers the past a little.” #JustSitThere

Richard Overton

Downgrading to a Flip Phone: Matt D”Avella shares some interesting insights from his experiment with “downgrading” his smart phone to a flip phone. Interesting what this did for his “in between” time (hint: more moments of stillness). Hmmm…

Why I'm downgrading to a flip phone.

From one of my favorite bloggers, Nicholas Bate (Business of Life + Life of Business) — Just One Thing, 46 of 101, as follows:

“Just start and see where that leads.”

The “Zoomification” of Society — David Ingram (NBC News Tech reporter) digs into the lingering questions, changing attitudes and considerations of these pandemic times that have pushed more of life online.

“The usefulness of tech in 2020 doesn't mean the tough questions about technology have been answered. In many ways, the pandemic brought some of them into sharper focus”

Keeping on the annals of technology — Was Email a Mistake? This piece in the New Yorker (by Cal Newport in 2019) digs into much of my angst with email. A bit academic in the way it’s presented, but certainly thought provoking…and relatable.

“The dream of replacing the quick phone call with an even quicker e-mail message didn’t come to fruition; instead, what once could have been resolved in a few minutes on the phone now takes a dozen back-and-forth messages to sort out.”


Tiny Harvest — After many years of tending to our backyard fruit trees, we’re starting to enjoy a tad bit of “harvest.” While very far from overflowing baskets of fruit (haha), this is at leas a start. The lemon tree is outpacing the lime, orange and grapefruit trees, which we’re thinking is due to the to the neighbor’s prolific lemon tree and some cross-pollinating going on.

EXODUS 90 — Today marks Day 16 (of 90), and there continues to be much fruit from the journey. With that said, there have also been challenges, cold showers being at the top of that list. But discipline is sharpening, and I continue find joy on this path, and look forward to the days ahead.

On the “equally yoked” front — Gia is doing the 40-Day Social Media Fast by Wendy Speake, and started the same day as Exodus 90 kick off. This has been such a blessing, as we had more time for quality connection, family activities and focus, and protection from the “streams” of daunting chatter. In addition, the time has been filled with competitive family games of Boggle, jigsaw puzzles and the “Donut Game.”

Kai acquired a Traxxas, funded by some of his Christmas money (the Rustler model to be exact). These are not the RC cars of my youth, far more innovative, and with quite a bit more horse power. Beyond how fun they are to “drive,” it’s just as fun to watch him work under-the-hood.

Gia’s Yoga & Meditation classes (Anchored Wellness Life) are now on a new platform called Moxie. This means anyone can take her classes online live, or choose from any of her classes which are now offered as Video on Demand. She’s also added a Holy Yoga “Fusion” class using light hand weights combined with mindful meditation and scripture. Click here to see more.

Power Tools & Projects — We dusted off the toolbox since the last Dispatch, with props to Ella for hanging new bathroom and bedroom doors (all by herself). While Kai and I had some fun building a “rail” for his Scooter adventures.

From the Print Shop

“Pacific Blue”

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