Fortnightly Dispatch No. 01

This is Scott Anderson, and this is the Fortnightly Dispatch, where I share what’s catching my attention and highlight a few personal + family notes and photos from the past two weeks.

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Photo: First Sunset of 2021 | Kids at Laguna Beach, Calif.

Notable Reads & Listens

Notebooks & Journals: Austin Kleon shares an impressive round-up of notebooks from the past year, as well as some inspiring words and prompts.

“If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution, keeping a daily notebook is a pretty solid one. It can be hard to get started, so a few years ago, I made The Steal Like An Artist Journal to help. Start with just one page a day and go from there. You might be surprised where your notebook takes you.”

John Eldridge “Get Your life Back”I just wrapped up a second reading of this book, and it’s become one of my most recommended. Our daughter Ella treated me to a bunch of sketchnotes she drew using my highlighted sections and scribbled notes in the books as her queue. Click here to see her all her work (sneak peak below)! #ProudPapa

Sketchnotes by Ella | John Eldridge "Get your Life Back"

Shearing Sheep, and Hewing to Tradition, on an Island in Main -- With travel restrictions in place worldwide, the New York Times launched a series, The World Through a Lens, in which photojournalists "transport us, virtually, to some of our planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places."

I really enjoyed escaping into the beautiful photographs and life of the Wakeman family.

"In a remote area of Maine, the Wakeman family maintains the traditions of island shepherding, the cycles of which have been largely unchanged for centuries."

Photograph by Greta Rybus

This one was in heavy rotation at our house this Christmas good, any time of the year!

"Mary, did you know...that your Baby Boy will calm the storm with His hand? Did you know...that your Baby Boy has walked where angels trod?"


We've managed to keep the heat off at the house throughout the winter, and remain quite comfortable -- which means we often gather around the fireplace in the early mornings and evenings. Boba has caught on as well.

Boba enjoying an evening by the fire

I'm swan diving into EXODUS90 - which means the next 90 days (starting January 4) will entail a lot of cold showers, some fasting, no sweets, an hour a day of prayer, no television, and much more (or, rather, much less). I'm looking forward to the journey and will likely be sharing some thoughts and experiences along the way.

On the nature front -- It's been a good year of hikes, with over 150 miles logged. Notable sightings include: rattle snakes (twice), mountain lions (only once, thankfully), tarantula, baby bobcat, multiple deer, and a variety of birds (personal favorite being the morning woodpeckers).  Gia and I have an ambitious goal to log 300+ miles in 2021 (if my knees and ankles can endure...easy for Gia!).  

​(excuse poor quality photo of the deer- screen shot from iPhone video clip) 

New Family Tradition -- A box of graham crackers + frosting + various sweet accoutrements ... and our first annual ginger bread house build-off/contest (via graham crackers) is in the record books.  We're looking forward to upping our game for future Christmas Eve(s)...and I'm hopeful the tradition carries on for many generations to come.

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Santa Margarita Lake at Dawn
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