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Inviting Community in Christ

Weekly Announcements for April 5-11

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Holy Week Information

For Palm Sunday...
Even though we can't meet in person this year, we want to have a palm processional, but we need your help! We would love it if you and your family could make your own palm branches using either of these templates. Then post it on Facebook and tag Grace Lutheran Church along with Brian Pike, or email it to by Saturday at 5:00pm.

Holy Week Schedule
Palm Sunday (April 5) - 9:30am
Maundy Thursday (April 9) - 7:00pm
Good Friday Tre Ore (April 10) - 12:00pm-3:00pm
Good Friday Tenebrae (April 10) - 7:00pm
Easter Sunday (April 12) - 9:30am 

Please note that worship will be online only on our webpage, on Facebook and on YouTube.

Holy Week Morning Prayer
Each morning during Holy Week, Pastor Eggold will record a short service of prayer and be available on our Facebook page. If you would like to get your day started off on the right note, make sure to check them out!



Prepare for Worship on Sunday
On this day Christians throughout the world begin the great and holy week that culminates in the central celebration of our faith: the Lord’s passage from death to new life celebrated in the Three Days. Today’s reading of Christ’s passion sets forth the central act of God’s love for humankind. In prayer, hymn, and readings, we hear the great paradox of our faith: Christ is proclaimed the mighty one who reigns from the tree of life.
Readings: Isaiah 50:4-9 | Philippians 2:5-11 | Matthew 26:1-27:66

Update on Worship Services
As long as the guidance from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) of avoiding gatherings of 10 or more is in place, we will be suspending in-person attendance of worship. However, we will continue to stream our worship services live on our webpage, on Facebook and on YouTube. We would love to have you join us on any of those platforms Sunday Mornings at 9:30am and Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm.

Also, please know that there will be someone to lend a listening ear at the church, and should you require a quiet space for reflection and private prayer, our door is open. If you’d like to talk with Pastor Eggold or schedule individual (or family communion), contact him at or (765) 337-1480.

Taking Faith Home Meditations
Each week, we want to send you a list of daily Scripture readings, devotional thoughts, prayers, and things to try at home. It's called Taking Faith Home and you can find this week's sheet here.

Scripture & Study

Online Classes and Studies
We have made the transition to online classes and studies. To attend these classes at these times, please either click the link for each class or use the phone number to dial into the conversation.

  • Sunday Morning Bible Class - 11:00am-12:00pm
    To join the video meeting, click this link:
    Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 347-779-2118 and enter this PIN: 826 559 462#
  • Sunday Confirmation Class - 11:00am-12:00pm
    To join the video meeting, click this link:
    Otherwise, to join by phone dial +1 484-816-5207 and enter this PIN: 158 003 655#
  • Sunday Washed and Welcome - 12:15pm-1:15pm
    To join the video meeting, click this link:
    Otherwise, to join by phone dial +1 475-522-0331 and enter this PIN: 952 990 390#
  • Wednesday Women's Bible Class - 10:00am-11:15am
    To join the video meeting, click this link:
    Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-427-5143 and enter this PIN: 888 264 239#
  • Thursday Night Bible Class - 6:30pm-7:45pm
    To join the video meeting, click this link:
    Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 570-427-3282 and enter this PIN: 959 079 572#


Kairos Prayer Vigil
Do you have 10 minutes to pray? Even though the Kairos Prison Ministry is postponed, we invite you to sign up here to pray for 10 minutes for the Kairos team, those they serve, those who are sick, the country and its leaders. You may need to change the timezone in the upper right-hand corner.

Online Giving
We invite you to continue to support our ministries here at Grace by giving online

Volunteer Efforts
We know not having church on a weekend is hard. But when we started to think about how we would still have church while our building is closed, we started to think about how we could be the Church in this difficult time. Please consider:

  • Serving. We are in conversation with our community partners in order to help with distribution of food, donating resources, or serving in other ways. During this time, local food pantries and relief organizations are being heavily used. If you are interested in serving or donating items to the food pantry, it will go a long way to serve our community. If you are interested in helping, please fill out this form to let us know.
  • Praying. We are working to provide you with devotions, prayers and scripture to use at home. If you have gotten out of the habit of daily prayer or family devotions, there is no better time to start! We would like to add our encouragement to pray for the health of the whole world, for those who are suffering and dying, for governments and health authorities and medical researchers, doctors and nurses at this time. Here is a great litany that we hope helps you during this time.
  • Caring. This is a great time to check in with neighbors to see how you can help each other. If you are interested in helping care for fellow members of Grace, please fill out this form to let us know.  
  • Giving. Also, we know that many of you may want to continue your giving even if we are not able to meet in-person. Click here to access online giving.



One Leg of Lamb Available
Would you like some lamb to eat but can't get to the store to get it? Jayne Lawless has 1 leg of lamb available (each leg is ~4-5 pounds) that was meant for our Seder Meal. If you would like it, please let Jayne know and she would be happy to deliver it. A small donation to Grace is suggested.
Contact: Jayne Lawless - (765) 426-1781 |

Text Messaging
Would you like to receive important information via text message? Now you can! You may sign-up in 1 of 2 ways:
1) Text GRACELAF to 84576    OR
2) Sign-up here.


Prayer Requests
If you have a prayer request, we invite you to share it with us via our Prayer Request form that is on our website.

Prayers for Health and Healing
Myrna Steiner - recovering; Sharon Merkel - recovering from fall and hip surgery; Carl Wollenburg - recovering; Peter Cook - recovering from stroke; Larry Royer - recovering; Matthew von Werder - recovering; Tom Schmidt - health issues; Sandy Freed; Rhonda Spangler

Prayers for those Battling Cancer
Ken McMindes; Norm Miller

Prayers for Comfort & Strength
Emily DeYoung - pregnancy

Prayers for Thanksgiving (Birthdays)
Starlah Smith (4/5); Christy Tucker (4/5); Joan Gipson (4/6); Chloe Royer (4/7); Jillian Royer (4/7); Payton Royer (4/7); Eric Hahm (4/10); Justin Bixler (4/11); Samantha Cochran (4/11)

Prayers for Thanksgiving (Anniversaries)
Rick & Jayne Lawless (4/5); Marlyn & Myrna Steiner (4/7) 

Prayers for Health and Healing - Family and Friends
Rylan Julian (friend of Donna Lee) - suffered serious burns; Kathie Schmitt - recovering from surgery; Miles Logan (great-grandson of Ronald & Sue Logan) health issues; Ellen Duff (grandmother of Jenna Farrington) - recovery; Norman Hillman (son-in-law of Kathy Sutton) - rare eye condition; Rev. David French (St. James Pastor) - recovering from stroke; Jack King (cousin of Ronnie Lee) - recovering; Eleanor Pershing (friend of Linda Bowlin) - health issues; Linda Cleveland (friend of Linda Bowlin) - health issues; Frank Dobyns (brother of Dawn Gross) - stroke; Jim Moyer & Connie Garrett (friends of Linda Bowlin) - health; Dustin Mayfield (brother of Rhonda Spangler) - health issues; Mitchell Yoder (friend of Theresa Ledbetter)

Prayers for those Battling Cancer - Family and Friends
Jillian Scott (friend of Emily DeYoung); Mary Lawler (mother of Dalene Royer); Max Rodibaugh (friend of Phil Keck); Ray (friend of Steve Ulrich); John Widau (son-in-law of Jack and Sharon Merkel); Donna Rades (daughter-in-law of Bob & Barb Rades); Rev. Joel Brandt (friend of Marc Cohen); Josh Khonke (uncle of Shawn Farrington); Amon Hogue (father of Jerry Hogue); Stephen Shook (friend of Aimee Ness); Cheryl Cornell (sister of Rex Cornell); Dianne Wallace (mother-in-law of Duncan Smith); Linda (sister of Joyce Richter and Glen Luedtke); Rick Law (family friend of Jack & Sharon Merkel); Beth (friend of Debbie Luedtke); Bob (brother of Kare Winters); Austin Hewitt (a senior at Eastern High School and friend of Linda Bowlin); Kurt Lahrman (friend of Aimee Ness); Rich Whited (friend of Steve Tucker); Jay Rice (friend of Mellady family); Nita Taylor (friend of Janet Reynolds)

Prayers for Comfort & Strength for Family and Friends
Brian Hunt (brother-in-law of Donna Lee) - died; Tommy Gee (father of Raymond Gee) - hospice; Ravyn Brooks (friend of Abby May) - died; Ron Schmitt (son of Bill Schmitt) - hospice; Tim Sullivan (brother-in-law of Breann Knapp) - deployment; Amy Abraham (former member) - pregnancy; Mark Brinson (son-in-law of Maughmers) - deployment; Wanda Krohe (mother of Michele Ulrich); Wes Knapp (grandfather of Breann Knapp); Logan Hathaway (son-in-law of Todd & Trudy Guthrie) - deploying to the Middle East

Prayers of Thanksgiving for Family and Friends
Olivia Bardonner (niece of Joy Hobson)

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