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Richard Molsby

Where did you go to school/obtain your degree?
UC Santa Barbara for political science and business then Cal Northern School of Law in Chico.

What is your primary focus(es) in the practice of law?
Business, mergers & acquisitions, succession planning, construction and real estate.

What has been your most fulfilling or rewarding experience in the practice of law?
Helping clients buy, sell or transfer business interests.

Where are you originally from and which MOBO Law office are you based out of?
I grew up in Upland, CA and then lived in Santa Barbara and many ski towns of the western US. I now live in Zephyr Cove, NV and work out of that office.

Why did you undertake the practice of law?
To help people.

What made you choose MOBO Law?
I had been practicing solo for a bit when I met Cameron Border and we saw that we were much better together because our skillsets complemented each other.

What is the best part of your job?
Feeling like I make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Changes to California Law in 2022:

CA “Duplex-Bill” to Address Housing Crisis

Senate Bill 9, or the so-called “Duplex-Bill”, which went into effect January 1, 2022, aims to streamline the process for homeowners to subdivide lots or build additional residential units on their property by altering the municipal review process for subdivision and two-unit housing developments on single family lots. The review process will go from discretionary to ministerial, hopefully simplifying and speeding up the permitting process.  All single-family property owners are now eligible to build a second unit on their existing lot or they can subdivide their lot into two. 

There are some restrictions, however, including but not limited to:

-Homeowners who split property must commit to occupying one of the lots as their primary residence for at least three years.

-Property must be located within an urban area and zoned for single-family use.

-Property may not be located within a historic zone, flood or fire-hazard zone or other environmentally protected areas.

For more information on Senate Bill 9, please visit:


Changes to Nevada Law in 2022
NV Minimum Wage to Increase July 1, 2022

Set to increase on July 1 of this year is the minimum wage requirements for Nevada employees. Nevada has a two-tier wage system that was implemented in 2006 by the Minimum Wage Amendment to the Nevada Constitution which allows for a $1.00 difference in wages depending on qualified health benefits offered by employers. Currently, the minimum wage requirement is $8.75 per hour for employers offering health benefits, while the requirement is $9.75 for employers not offering these same benefits. This is set to increase to $9.50 and $10.50, respectively, on the first of the month and every July thereafter by an increment of $0.75 until 2024, as outlined in Assembly Bill 456 which was first implemented in 2019. 

For more information on Assembly Bill 456, please visit:

MOBO Foundation Support for Local and Foreign Causes

The MOBO Foundation has recently chosen to sponsor the 13th Annual High Fives Foundation Bocce Ball Tournament which will be held in Reno, NV on July 17, 2022. High Fives is a Truckee based non-profit that focuses on preventing injuries for athletes in outdoor action sports through education as well as providing hope and resources after the occurrence of life-altering injuries. Registration for the event is now open.

The MOBO Foundation typically supports charities, fundraisers and causes in the local communities we serve, but we also assist in other unique places. Recently, we learned of an opportunity to support Ukrainian refugees via a client of ours in the Truckee-Tahoe area. 

When the war began in Ukraine, many people from neighbouring countries began helping Ukrainians flee their native country. The MOBO Foundation was put in touch with one of those groups, located in Poland, that is helping to coordinate efforts and has since made several donations. This support has helped to purchase food, power generators, flashlights, medicine and medical equipment, child care and diapers and much more for victims in refugee centers as well as to logistically assist in deliveries of supplies to those still within Ukraine’s borders. 


Passion for Helping People

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