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Dear Spiros,

We hope you found our free CAT tool MateCat useful for your translation work, as we did at Translated. Today, I want to introduce you to a few features we have just added to the tool. 

With the new release of MateCat now you can:
As usual, you don't need to do anything to update the CAT. Just log into MateCat and use the new version.
Best regards, 

Aurore Claverie
Translated Communication Team
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Works with Chrome and Safari

Add Custom MT Engines to a Project

You can now connect your machine translation engines provided by Microsoft Translator Hub, IPTranslator from Iconic and Deeplingo or your own Moses engines directly from the MateCat web-based CAT tool. All you need are the credentials granted by your machine translation provider.

You can enable your machine translation engines just like you would do translation memories from the Language Resources panel when creating a new project. You may also select the engines from the dropdown menu Machine Translation – click on Options in home page to see it.

Localize Android Apps 

We’re now up to 57 supported file formats! The new MateCat release also supports the localization of XML files containing text strings for Android apps.

This is just the latest addition to a list of supported file formats which includes anything from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint files), OpenOffice, Indesign, Framemaker to web file formats and even PDF files.

Language Quality Measurement

You can now access the new revision panel to revise and edit all of your translations.

MateCat provides a fast and efficient tool to revise translations, mark track changes for your revisions and indicate the type of issues. By specifying the type of issues, you will generate a Quality Report providing details on the overall quality of your translations.

Find out how it works in details here.

Import, Export and Delete TM

You now have the ability to import and export your translation memories in TMX format for all your active and inactive TMs from the Language Resources panel. Also, you can delete any private translation memories that you created by mistake or that you do not want to use anymore.
Use MateCat Now!
Works with Chrome and Safari
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