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March 2021

I continue to be honored by the opportunity to serve the wonderful stakeholders of the 5th District and the children of the entire city in my capacity as a member of the RPS School Board. It has been wonderful to hear from many of you. I want to offer those of you who have shared your input my sincere gratitude. I encourage you to continue communicating with me. I sincerely ask for your help with ensuring that our community is as engaged as it possibly can be. Please continue to read my newsletters, tune in to School Board meetings, read the documents on RPS Board Docs, check out the RPS Facebook page, and directly engage with your neighbors and our great schools.  


The School Board, as you may know, is working hard to make the best decisions about some pressing issues and considerations. I know that we all are desirous of a safe return to school, of a budget that reflects our priorities, and a schedule that will address the needs of all of our families. We have been working diligently to be sure we carefully craft policies that reflect best practices. Thank you for your support during this process.  


This month I will begin office hours, which will be held on the third Thursday of each month. Please drop in for the first one on March 18th from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm using the Zoom link below. I’ll be happy to virtually see you!


It looks like Spring is finally on the horizon. Enjoy the warmer/longer days, take care of yourselves and your neighbors, and remember that “Together Our Children Thrive.”




Stephanie Miller Rizzi


Zoom Link for Office Hours
Thursday, March 18th
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Upcoming School Board Meetings:

March 1st, 6:00 pm: School Board Meeting
March 5th, 8:00 am: Disciplinary Committee
March 15th,
6:00 pm: School Board Meeting
March 18th, 3:00 pm: Disciplinary Committee
March 23rd, 5:30 pm: Finance Committee

Agendas, Minutes, and Public Documents available here:
To watch School Board meetings live, visit

Comments may be sent to, and will be read aloud if submitted prior to 1:00 pm on the day of the meeting.

Spring Break: April 5th - 9th

RPS 2020 - 2021 School Year Calendar:

RPS 2020 - 2021 Calendario del Distrito:

#ReopenWithLove Page for all information related to virtual learning, food distribution and family support: 

Food Distribution Schedule:   

Lit Limo Schedule: 

Family Support Helpline - Call (804) 780-6195 and learn more about other resources available to families

Phillip Ricks

5th District Connection:

Custodian at Binford Middle School for 18 years (only missed two days the entire time) and had 16 straight years of perfect attendance prior to experiencing a short illness. Also: Head Boys Basketball Coach, Assistant Girls Basketball Coach, and Flag Football Coach. I am a native Richmonder—Attended Stuart Elementary School (now Barack Obama), Henderson Middle School, and John Marshall High School and in 2018 I was featured dancing in Jason Mraz’s music video “Have It All."

Things I love about the 5th District and RPS:

Years ago I used to hold an open gym for neighborhood schools. Kids from all over the city used to come. I think it changed a lot of their lives. I love the children; it’s all about them. However I can be there for them, I will. There is a family feeling here. We all do more than our job titles say. We work as a team. I help in all ways I can. The children trust me, and they often talk to me about things they sometimes can’t tell others. I love the diversity of our school. The kids all get along like brothers and sisters. I really love that. The kids know me and depend on my being there. I lead by example. I practice what I preach 18 years and only missed two days—that shows I how dedicated I am. I am lucky to work at Binford because of our great administrators, teachers, office staff, safety and security workers, cafeteria staff, counselors, custodians, Mr. Moody of In-School Support, and of course the children.

My vision and hopes for RPS:

My vision and hopes for RPS: First of all, I can’t wait for them to come back to school—to see them walk through that door. I miss the kids. My vison is that one day we will have an 100% graduation rate and that we continue to grow. When I’m in my rocking chair, I want to come back and see beautiful smiles that show the progress we’ve made with the support of the school board, our superintendent, our great faculty and staff, and also see Richmond being the great city it always is. We can be successful as a City regardless of what others say—we can have success. Thanks to the great City Council and Mayor. It takes the city as a whole to make the city and RPS great.

 Stephanie Rizzi
(804) 929-6930 - for text or calls

5th District Schools:

Full School Directory: 

School Locator Map: 

John B. Cary Elementary (804) 780-6252 

Maymont Preschool Center (804) 780-6263 

Swansboro Elementary (804) 780-5030 

Binford Middle (804) 780-6231 

Open High (804) 780-4661 

George Wythe High (804) 780-5037 

Amelia Street (804) 780-6275 

Patrick Henry School of Arts & Sciences (804) 888-7061 

Richmond Career Education & Employment Academy (804) 780-4332 

RPS Main Phone Number:
(804) 780-7710

Stephanie Rizzi serves as Richmond School Board Member in the 5th District. Views on this page are her own and may not reflect official positions of the body.
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